Taliban going door to door for child brides and subjecting women to rape gangs

The Taliban have reportedly been going house to house in a twisted search for child brides.

The insurgents swept to power in Afghanistan in a matter of weeks, and recently gave a deadline of August 31 for all evacuations out of the country.

While the terrorists previously promised a “peaceful transition of power” and no revenge killings, its members have already carried out heinous human rights abuses and mass murders.

Social campaigner Fariha Easer, who has fought for women’s rights in Afghanistan for almost her entire adult life, claims its members have been seeking out women and girls over 15 for marriage.

Reporter Hollie McKay wrote in the Dallas Morning News that her friend saw the militants arrive in the northern province of Badakhshan.

Fariha told her: “They were saying that they are the saviors, the guards of Islam, the liberators of the West.

“They asked one father to give over his daughters as wives. They said one of the Taliban is a mullah, and they must make an engagement for him.”

She went on: “After the marriage, they took the young woman away. But the father found out after three days that it was not only the Taliban who married her and had sex with her, she was being raped by four others every night.

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“The father went to the district governor and was told there was nothing he could do. Whatever could be done, he must do himself.”

He was eventually able to flee with his daughters, but millions of Afghan girls and women are now in danger of the same exploitation.

Fariha continued: “They have not changed, and they will not change. They are defined by violence, killing, by a constant violating of human rights.”

Earlier this week, Afghanistan's former Interior Minister claimed the Taliban had been killing innocent children.

Masoud Andarabi posted horrifying photos onTwitterwhich depicted corpses, including that of a young child.

The former minister, who was sacked by former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani in March, claimed that the militants "'are trying to rule over people by terrorizing, killing young children and elderly citizens."

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