Teacher sacked for her raunchy online snaps launches escort and dating service

An ex-science teacher who was fired after a journalist exposed her racy OnlyFans page has launched a new dating and escort service.

Sarah Juree taught elementary-age kids science as part of Starbase – a collaboration between schools and the US Defence Department but was stuck in a “poverty loop”.

The 41-year-old single mum launched her OnlyFans page in hope of making extra cash, but when her adult content was exposed she was thrust into the spotlight.

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The mum-of-one from Notre Dame, Indiana, US claims that men love the fact that she is the teacher who was fired for her x-rated content and modelling.

Now in a bid to monetise her fame, she has decided to launch ‘Notre Date’, a service where people can hire her to be their date for the evening.

Sarah revealed that she was inspired to offer her companionship after a recent solo trip to LA, which she says would have been better had she had company.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the model explained: “That was my third time out to LA, and I’m single so every time I travel by myself and it’s just not that fun you know?

“I go to the hotel, I’m in this new city and I don’t know where the best places are to eat, I don’t know what kind of fun activities there are and it’s lonely.”

Despite living in a relatively small area, the mum revealed that due to the University of Notre Dame, there are a lot of businessmen and money opportunities.

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She continued: “So in my mind, I was like where is the money and how can I be of value? I was thinking about the people who travel alone and it’s not that fun without companionship.

“I’ve been single five years, so, one of the things I know really well is how to date and it benefits me because I could be wined and dined, I love to go dancing, I could just be that sense of fun for someone visiting.

“There aren’t really any other OnlyFans models in town… So, they get this beautiful woman to spend time with and I can pick their brains or they might be interested in mentoring me, or they might be interested in financing me – I just had a breast augmentation and I need to get that paid off”.

Sarah revealed that she is considering offering date packages at a set price, but is also open to exploring custom-designed dates with those who are interested.

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She added that since announcing the service on her social media accounts people have been incredibly supportive.

“I announced it on my Instagram and my Facebook and people loved it. I had comments saying ‘that is so brilliant’”, she added.

Sarah has already trialled the service, for Valentine's Day she ran a local contest where men could pay to buy a raffle ticket, and the winner was granted a date with her.

The 41-year-old said: “This gentleman paid to be a part of the raffle and we went on a valentines date.

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“It was so cool he was in his mid-20s and he was autistic and it was his very first date ever. We went to this restaurant and he was so polite and kind to me, and it was cool.

“He got to experience someone who took time out of their day, lends an ear and takes an interest in him and while it wasn’t romantic, I had fun and I had a good time”.

When asking if she regrets starting an OnlyFans account, Sarah described her experience as "traumatic" but says she believes that in the end it was for the best.

“It’s like I got this brand new chance at life. While I invested 20 years as a teacher and I really loved that job, I have to believe this is for my highest good and a beautiful new chapter is waiting for me", she explained.

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