Teen who escaped ‘house of horrors’ after years of abuse suffers fresh ‘trauma’

After years of abuse and neglect, Jordan Turpin is finally free – and now she’s become a TikTok star.

But not before she suffered another round of horrifying abuse, this time from her foster parents and their daughter.

She has recently opened up about how the system failed her and five of her siblings when they placed her in an abusive home after they fleed years of torture.

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You may recognise the courageous 21-year-old American woman as her harrowing escape from the "House of Horrors" captivated the world in 2018.

For 17 years, Jordan and her 12 brothers and sisters – who ranged from two to 29 at the time of their rescue — endured extreme abuse at the hands of their parents, David and Louise Turpin.

David and Louise were Pentecostal Christians who believed God had called upon them to produce as many children as possible.

They only gave each of their 13 children one meal per day, one shower per year, and bullied, beat, and strangled them frequently. The children were also regularly tied up with chains for defying their parent's strict rules.

Each child was extremely pale and malnourished and they were banned from using the bathroom, instead, they were forced to smear their faeces on the carpet.

Adding to the horror, the family home was filled with dead pets, rotting trash and expired food. Speaking to the media, Jordan recalled “a lot of starving” at home and resorted to ice chips or condiments for sustenance.

Then one night when Jordan was violently choked by her mother for trying to communicate with the outside world she knew she had to escape and help rescue her siblings.

She placed pillows beneath her blanket to make it look like she was sleeping and climbed out of her bedroom window to notify the police of the horrors that were taking place inside.

When the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department raided the home and saw the children's living conditions, they arrested David and Louise Turpin on the spot.

The pair were charged with 12 counts of false imprisonment, 12 counts of torture, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, and six counts of child abuse.

While they plead not guilty on February 22, 2019, they were sentenced to life in prison.

Although many may think their nightmares were over, Jordan and five of her siblings say they were victimised all over again when they were placed in an abusive foster home.

"I'm not ready to go into details about what happened to me in that home. I was very traumatised, and it's been a very scary journey," Jordan recently told People magazine.

"It was really hard to understand the first situation [with my parents]. Then going into another, that was just really, really hard. You have all these questions and you just don't get the answer."

In early January 2021 foster parents Marcelino, 63, Rosa Olguin, 58, and their adult daughter Lennys Olguin, 37, were arrested on charges of abusing nine children, five of whom are Turpins. Marcelino was also additionally accused of sexually abusing several of those kids.

Jordan and those children, known as Jane and John Does, sued Riverside County and ChildNet Youth and Family Services, a for-profit foster care organisation on July 20.

They alleged that the organisations knew that the Olguins had a prior history of abusing children when they were placed in their care.

Despite everything that’s been thrown at her, Jordan has had to overcome every challenge she’s faced and now she is thriving.

She has taken to TikTok in an effort to support her siblings and now has 762,000 followers who regularly tune in to her content.

The 21-year-old enjoys posting videos of her dancing as well as clips that show her trying out makeup and modelling different outfits.

Since the escape, Jordan has taken on the responsibility of protecting her siblings and has garnered a substantial fan base whose donations help keep them all fed.

“Now I can afford to give all my siblings some really good, nice gifts this year,” Jordan said in one of her TikTok videos.

“I am so happy and thankful that I can do that. I hope someday that I can help you guys and others, just like you guys have helped me. It means so much to me.”

More recently, she said: “Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on here really quick and say thank you so much for all the love and all the support,” she said in one video.

“Whoever has followed me or watched my videos, I appreciate you so much and I love you guys so much.”

Jordan sometimes responds to her follower's questions and previously shared what she wants her life to look like.

“Maybe a kid someday, a nice car,” she said.

“Graduating college, being a book writer, or a motivational speaker. When I have kids, I want to make sure I’m in a good place … I want the last name Turpin to be remembered as a name of strength.”

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