Thirteen killed in prison riots in the same jail where 44 died just weeks ago

More than a dozen prisoners have been killed in a large-scale riot in Ecuador yesterday (July 18) that has also left two further people injured.

The latest in a spate of prison riots has claimed the lives of a further 13 inmates, Ecuador’s prison agency has said.

This is the second major event leading to the loss of life at the Bellavista prison in Santo Domingo – In May this year, a similar incident claimed the lives of 44 people.

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The prison agency, SNAI, said on Twitter: "Unfortunately, central command reports 13 (inmates) dead and two injured".

It added that armed forces and security personnel were now once again taking control of the prison.

The prison is in the city of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, which is around 50miles from the city of Quito, Ecuador’s capital.

It comes just two months after May’s mass brawl, which saw around 220 escape following the riot.

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso has said that often the brawls are caused by gangs that operate throughout the country.

Riots in prisons are not uncommon in the South American country, with 316 inmates losing their lives in the past 12 months alone.

  • Prisoner labelled 'dangerous offender' beat cellmate to death with table leg

The nation’s prisons are, according to official figures, 12.5% over capacity with around 33,900 people thought to be behind bars at the time of writing.

Guard shortages and relatively easy access to weapons have made prisons dangerous places.

According to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the problems have been caused by poor living conditions for prisoners, a lack of attention from the government and a lack of policy are to blame.


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