Tourist gets brutally ‘Brit shamed’ by date saying ‘no scum from UK’ in outburst

A Brit has received a torrent of abuse from a potential date because he is from the UK.

Taking to Twitter, a user called Rich J posted a screengrab of a conversation he claims to have had on the dating app Grindr.

The app, targeted towards members of the gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community, allows users to connect with people in their nearby area.

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In this instance, Rich J was in Amsterdam in the Netherlands when he received a rather unpleasant torrent of abuse from an unidentified Grindr user.

Posting the grab, he added the caption: “Yesterday in Amsterdam I totally got Brit shamed…” followed by a Union Jack and a cry-laughing emoji.

In a hail of messages, the user writes: “You didn’t read my profile.

“No scum from the UK.

“Shouldn’t you be vomiting in the streets of the red-light district by now? As all of your people do.

“Guess you didn’t have the brains or money to think of a real vacation.

“How much was the Ryanair flight you took? €20 (£17.70)?”

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Then, clearly in response to the message about the profile, Rich posted a follow-up message to the thread.

He said: “So this blew up a little…!

“Just for a bit of context, this was what was on their profile. I guess lesson learnt…! Always read the profile else they'll come for your country!”

The profile reads: “On my tombstone: ‘Sorry for the nudes I sent when I was drunk.’

“No drugs, leather, kink or British tourists please.

“Open to friends, fun and meeting new people.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, Rich said: "It was just a small scenic day trip… not wild at all! Which is probably why the messages were so shocking!"

He said although he didn't reply to the abusive messages he reckoned the person must have had a bad experience.

Rich added: "I'm very sure they're a local. I reckon some Dutch people have seen an influx of British visitors and the minority may not have given them a very good impression… hence this very stereotypical view!"

Although it seems Rich took the digital battering well, people were a little less happy with the messages in the comments of his post.

One user commented: “It’s sad that some people tar everyone with the same brush instead of keeping an open mind and getting to know the individual instead of basing them solely on their nationality.

“As for vomiting in the street; I don’t even drink alcohol. Shock, horror, not everyone’s the same.”

“Wow, he really went in,” said a second.

“I was stung by the post until I got to the 20 euro comment,” added a third.

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