UK on 40C weather alert as heat maps show super-heatwave set to return in days

Temperatures of 30C plus will be experienced across the UK next week, with weather models suggesting a 'super-heatwave' is on its way this month.

The weather models for July's heatwave where temperatures reached a national high of 40.3 in Lincolnshire are similar to models predicting August's temperature, potentially spelling another heatwave on its way.

According to the models, there will be ground temperatures of 44C in August but these predictions have been blamed on computer exaggeration by forecasters.

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Forecasters said that there's only an "outside chance" of the UK experiencing yet another extreme heatwave.

According to John Hammond, meteorologist for Weathertrending, high pressure will make a return to Britain this month.

He said: "High pressure will re-assert its dominance and, as we approach the weekend, we can expect fine days and cool nights. Perfect holiday weather returns."

While he echoed the thoughts of forecasters who said a super-heatwave is unlikely to occur, Hammond said there's a possibility of it if high pressure brings in hot continental air.

He added: "The reality is that this scenario remains, at this stage, only an outside chance. It is most likely to occur if high pressure takes up residence just to our east, allowing a scorching airflow to waft our way from southern Europe."

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Warnings over the extreme heat could make a return this month with temperatures set to hit well into 30C as the Met Office has predicted we're more likely to experience warmer temperature this month.

A spokesperson said: “The main signals for August are for high pressure to extend northeast towards the UK at ties, with lower pressure to the south.

“With warmer than average sea-surface temperatures in the vicinity of the UK, the chances of a warm August to October are almost twice normal.”

Exacta Weather’s James Madden uttered the words: “We expect that August could deliver another super heatwave.”


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