UK storm alert: Brutal jet steam to hit tropical ‘anticyclone’ sparking two days of severe

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Swathes of Britain are braced for further thundery downpours today while violent winds smash through exposed regions. A ferocious 150mph jet stream will tussle with the Azores High – a high-pressure ‘anticyclone’ stretching across the Atlantic – unleashing weather mayhem. Stormy weather will hammer the nation until the weekend before the return of warm, dry sunshine.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “There is a battle underway between the Azores High and the jet stream.

“We are expecting unsettled conditions which will continue in the north of Britain until the latter part of the week, and here will be a risk of gales or even severe gales in exposed regions.

“Unstable air will trigger thundery downpours and the risk of showers will continue through the next few days.”

High pressure should build ahead of the weekend when temperatures will start to rise, he added.

He said: “The weather is showing signs of turning more pleasant by the weekend.

“We also expect temperatures, which have been subdued in the rain and under the cloud, to rise.

“We expect to see temperatures approaching the mid-20Cs again by the weekend.”

‘Unseasonable’ winds threaten to hammer swathes of the UK today and tomorrow, according to the Met Office.

Government meteorologists blame a turbocharged jet stream which rather than meandering gently over north Europe, is on a beeline collision course with Britain.

The jet will lock horns with the Azores High before blowing itself out at the weekend allowing high pressure to resettle over Britain.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “There will be showers, rain and some unseasonably windy weather towards the middle of the week.

“Later in the week and by the weekend weather settles down and high pressure becomes established by Saturday, and the jet stream becomes fairly meandering and weak.

“This is in contrast to the middle of this week when it has a much flatter shape and a much more powerful flow making it run across the Atlantic and push weather systems towards Britain.”

Southern Britain will get the first blast of dry warmth after the mid-week storm roller-coaster.

The return of summer-like weather depends on high pressure–also called an ‘anticyclone­–once again building over the UK.

While early forecasts hint at this, if the high pressure shifts to the west, temperatures will drop.

John Hammond, meteorologist for Weathertrending, said: “After mid-week, we expect a drying trend with high pressure trying to build in.

“With lighter winds and with strong sunshine, it is going to feel warmer especially across southern parts, but there is a question mark about the weekend.

“High pressure will probably stay in charge, but it could nudge westwards which could allow some cooler air to filter down from the north.

“There will be a fair bit of dry weather, and in the sunshine, it will be pleasant enough, although there will be some chilly nights.”

Like the forecasters, bookies are switching day to day on odds for the summer outlook.

Coral is offering 2-1 from 4-1 on the hottest summer on record, while Ladbrokes is offering 2-1 on this week bringing the wettest day of the year.

Coral spokesman Harry Aitkenhead said: ““his time last year it was a very wet end to spring and start to summer.

“However, this time around it couldn’t be more different.

“We have slashed the odds on the UK’s hottest summer ever being recorded and think 30C or more is on the way for the long weekend at the start of June,”

Ladbrokes’ Alex Apati of Ladbrokes added: “We could be set for record-breaking weather for all the wrong reasons this week with more heavy rain ready to batter Britain.”

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