UK storm forecast: Met Office warns ‘active jet stream’ to spark gales and downpours- maps

BBC Weather forecasts thundery conditions across UK

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Britain basked in glorious sunshine over the weekend with the mercury nudging its way past the mid-20s, bring renewed hope of scorching weather over the coming weeks. But this week is set to see those hopes crash down to earth, with warnings of rain and wind putting a huge dampener on those. The Met Office has warned a jet stream will form fronts coming in from the Atlantic will bring with it rain and windy weather towards the middle of this week.

Temperatures will be reduced to around average compared to recent days, particularly in the South East, although conditions are likely to improve heading into next weekend.

The forecaster told “This week will see an active jet stream bringing a series of fronts from the west which will bring showers and somewhat windy weather, particularly from mid-week.

“Temperatures will be around average so feeling much cooler than recently, especially in the South East.

“More settled conditions look like arriving on the weekend, bringing drier and warmer weather.

“At present it looks like largely dry weather will be in charge for next week.

The latest weather maps from WXCHARTS show rain sweeping over the country over the next couple of days, with as much as 9mm falling in an area on the Wales-England border.

Maximum temperatures are also set to reach a high of just 17C on Tuesday, according to the latest charts from Netweather.

For today (Monday), the Met Office said it will be cooler than yesterday (Sunday) and that western and northern regions of the country will be hit by heavy rain and possibly thunderstorms.

The forecaster said: “Cloudier across east and southeast England with some rain, and cooler than on Sunday.

“Elsewhere, some sunny intervals, but also a good deal of cloud and showers, these heavy with possible thunder in parts of the west and north.”

For this evening, the Met Office warned: “Showers for many areas, whilst more persistent and at times heavy rain is likely across parts of central, southern Scotland and northeast England.”

Tuesday’s outlook doesn’t look much better, with more heavy rain and thunderstorms in some areas of the UK.

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The forecaster said: “Rain in the east turning more showery.

“Sunshine and showers elsewhere, some heavy with thunder in central and southern areas. Fewer showers in the west.”

Netweather senior forecaster Jo Farrow also warned of a jet stream “powering across the Atlantic” throughout this week, with rain and cooler temperatures on the way.

She said: “This week looks blustery with showers and rain at times. It will be cooler overall than last week but still, in any sheltered sunny spells there is still warmth in those rays.

The jet stream is powering across the Atlantic with Azores high starting in its named place at the surface today. This high will edge towards southwest Britain by Friday settling the weather down.

“Before that, there are a collection of low pressures whirling around the north and east of the UK to start the week.

“The flow in between the lows and the Azores high comes in from the west then a cooler north-westerly direction.

“During the week there is an overall drying theme.

“The far north of Scotland keeps showers or rain throughout but away from today’s rain for Southeast Britain, it is mostly northern and western parts of the UK seeing the bulk of the showery rain.”

Looking ahead to the next couple of weeks, Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook has forecast high pressure building in the west and north of the UK that will likely trigger winds and cooler temperatures.

He also warned the risk of rain might increase as the UK heads towards the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend, with the latest computer model runs indicating a “mediocre picture”.

Mr Gaze “During the next couple of weeks it looks as though high pressure will build to the west and north of the UK.

“That means there’s a good chance of winds starting to come from a northerly direction.

“If that happens we can expect rather cool conditions, particularly in the northern half of the UK.

“In more sheltered parts of the south it should feel pleasantly warm on some days with temperatures pushing into the low 20Cs.

The forecaster added: “There is also a risk of showers and that may grow as we head towards the Platinum Jubilee weekend, particularly in the north and east.

“However, in weather terms it is still a very long way off, but the latest computer model runs are suggesting quite a mediocre picture.”

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