UK to be hit with three snow blasts in two days as Arctic chill bashes nation

If you're planning a night out this weekend, then probably best to wrap up warm, as the evening is forecast to usher in another Arctic front across the country.

The bitterly cold conditions could last into early next week and interactive UK weather models are also suggesting that snow might just make one final appearance in March too.

Plunging temperatures are expected across northern Britain this weekend, which will bring frost to places with clear skies, according to Netweather senior forecaster Jo Farrow.

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This could impact those living in Northern Ireland, the far north of England and southern Scotland, she said.

But it'll be all change for the Grampians and northern isles, with wintry showers predicted which could sweep southwards to northern England.

While temperatures may only just recover on the longer daylight hours on Sunday (March 26) when the clocks go back an hour, with highs of 3C felt in the Midlands and lows of 2C north of Manchester, the real sting will start on Sunday night.

This is when the Arctic blast will really dial up for nearly all of Britain, with cities including London and Birmingham falling to freezing by Monday morning (March 27).

Newcastle and Edinburgh will fall below OC to -2C and -3C respectively with a pillar of snow seemingly starting to lay southerly from Scotland, through Manchester, Birmingham and then across Cardiff in Wales.

Weather maps show that the bone-chilling air will get more intense from about 3pm on Sunday, at least for northern parts of England and the Midlands.

That's before it slowly creeps further south on Monday – this time encapsulating all of Britain.

Snow plumes will hit on Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday (March 28) – with some isolated showers potentially hitting Scotland on Wednesday (March 29).

The time of year will make it harder for the snow to settle, though, with the ground warming up.

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Aiden McGivern, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said the cold air is coming from the Arctic and will bring "marked temperature differences by the time we get to the start of next week".

He added: "It will be cold enough in some spots for snow, but this isn't looking like a really potent, very wintry northerly. It's just going to make it feel a bit colder and mostly the snow will not settle."

With the first week of April looming, many are wondering just how longer this weather will go on for.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told the Daily Express it'll be short-lived.

He said: "Yes, it'll be cold for all, for sure with widespread frosts on Monday and Tuesday, with snow still mainly for Scottish hills and mountains plus Cumbrian high ground – maybe north Pennines."

But, teasing an end may be in sight by the middle of next week, he added: "Any lower level snow is likely to be sporadic then melt in the day. It'll be all over during Wednesday.

"Then a hint of much warmer and drier weather for Easter, but just a hint for now."


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