UK weather forecast: Snow warning as ‘rapidly deepening storm’ to smash Britain – new maps

UK weather: Strong winds and rain forecast by Met Office

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Maps and charts show icy powder is set to strike parts of Britain by the end of January, ahead of February seeing Britain covered in snow as conditions worsen. Tyler Roys, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and Lead European Forecaster, told Sunday could see unsettled conditions strike.

He said: “Regarding the chances for snow at the end of the month, there is a small chance for snow in northwest Scottish Highlands in the higher elevations.

“Some of these locations could see a couple inches of snow as the rain comes to an end. The larger chance for snow will occur Sunday and linger into Monday.

“A rapidly deepening storm will move across Scotland on Sunday, which will bring gusty winds, possibly gale-force.

“This storm will likely bring snow across the Scottish Highlands that could accumulate at least several inches.

“There is a possibility that some of the snow does reach the interior valleys in Scotland. Confidence is not high on this happening just yet.

“There is still some disagreement on this happening. If snow does reach the interior valleys, I can’t rule out a couple of inches accumulating.”

According to WXCharts, a polar blast is set for early February, after Scotland seeing snow and storms.

The agency holds snow is forecast for January 29, but is set to stay localised to Scotland, where 11cm is expected to fall over Inverness at 9pm.

Charts also see the weekend bring wind gusts up to around 80mph in Scotland, with Saturday morning bring havoc over the country.

By 6pm the worst of the gusts will have pushed away from Scotland, staying over the Orkney islands and the east coast of Scotland.

Sunday brings a return to stable winds, with a maximum gust of 50mph by midday.

On February 4, snow and rain will stay localised in Scotland, but a pressure system in the Atlantic begins to build to the west.

This is set to strike from February 7, where by midday snowfall will be seen across Ireland, and will have struck much of Scotland and continue to fall in the west, while also pushing down through England and Wales.

Midday sees a band of 5mm an hour rain strike across London the south east, while a warmer front means the snowstorm turns Cornwall, central Wales and the midlands wet with 1mm rain.

A snowstorm is set to continue into February 9, where more Atlantic pressure brings 19cm of snow over Inverness and 3cm over Carlisle.

Snow is set to keep falling in most areas, barring the east and south of England, and central Wales, through to February 11.

Having previously been a 3/1 shot, Ladbrokes hold 5/2 odds for February to be the coldest ever, expecting snow to batter Britain.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “It’s looking increasingly likely that bitter temperatures will carry over into next month, and a record-breaking cold February could be on the cards as a result.”

A Met Office spokesperson told however hopes are low for snow to end January.

They said: “There is the possibility of some wintry conditions in the forecast, but confined mainly to high ground in the north of the UK as we would expect at this time of year.

“There’s no indication of widespread snow for the end of January.”

Jo Farrow, senior forecaster at, also wrote for the agency’s website the last week of January is set to see sunny spells.

She said: “This low and its cold front will bring clearer skies for Thursday morning from the north, with lovely sunshine.

“There will be some early rain for western areas further south as the front pulls down to the English Channel and the skies clear here. What a change.

“Milder air into Saturday then colder air for Sunday. Further windy pulses, particularly in the north and perhaps snow for the Scottish mountains at the weekend.

“The ECMWF model is keen on a deep low for Sunday in the north which will bring stronger winds, rain and possibly wintry showers from the NW by Monday. Lots of uncertainty there but at least it’s not just endless grey skies.”

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