Ukraine’s food rations empty as soldiers struggle on luxury chocolate gateaux

The troubles faced by Russian soldiers on the front line when it comes to food is well known.

From out-of-date rations to being forced to just eat potatoes and onions, Russia has struggled to keep its troops fed.

Ukraine, on the other hand, appears to be doing pretty well on that front.

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A new video from soldiers on the front line shows them living it up on a huge feast of food, including a beautiful-looking chocolate gateaux, and high-end local coffee.

There is also fruit juice, mini pies and more – most of which looks far nicer than your local branch of Costa Coffee.

A soldier can be heard in the video saying: “This is how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fed.

“We survive as best we can, it’s hard to live in field – uncomfortable.

“Situation with food not always good, but what can we do, this is war.”

It is not clear exactly where the video was taken, but it has gone viral on Ukrainian Telegram channels in recent days, as well as on Reddit's Ukrainian thread.

One user posted: “This may be inspired by an observation made by a Wehrmacht officer in World War Two.

“When he and his troops overran a US outpost, he saw that there was a fresh cake on one of the tables.

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“He said at that point he knew the Germans were going to lose the war.”
Another wrote: “I really like that so many Ukrainians try to find humour in everything they can, even during those hard times.

“I already wanted to visit after the war but their positivity makes me even more motivated to discover their culture.”

And a third commented: “This is absolutely atrocious, there is no latte art on his coffee!

“The West needs to unite and send them humanitarian aid of milk frothers!

“How can we allow our heroes to suffer like this?”

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