Ukrainian ‘Angels’ save POWs from Russian clutches

Ukraine: Soldiers discover Soviet-made tear gas grenades

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A Ukrainian special unit named “Angels” has rescued two prisoners of war (POWs) from an unspecified territory currently occupied by the Russian invaders, reported an MP. Ihor Copytin, member of the coordination staff for the treatment of prisoners of war, said this was not the first operation of its kind, but was the first he helped to arrange and is able to speak about. Describing it as a “complex special operation”, he said the specialised troopers rescued two marines, one of whom was wounded, adding: “The boys are now safe at one of the bases of the Ukrainian Navy.” A video caught the moment the POWs arrived back to safety, still wearing the Russian uniform they had been forced into during captivity – which the group then burned on the side of the road. The POW rescue follows a swap on December 1 of 50 Ukrainian captives for 50 Russian soldiers, which each side had captured during heavy fighting in the Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia regions of eastern Ukraine.


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