Ukrainian civilians target Iranian-made Russian drones through phone app

Ukrainian citizens have been invited to join an app that allows them to take Iranian Kamikaze drones out of the sky.

The app, titled ePPO Observer, uses members of the public as targeters to light up drones which anti-aircraft gunners can then fire on.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence said: "Now every citizen of Ukraine can participate in improving the air and missile defence of our skies."

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The software is understood to be able to geolocate targets after app users identify the kind of target, clearing the way for aunty-air defences to open fire

It is thought one of the primary uses for the app will be to help Ukrainian forces tackle ‘suicide drones’ suspected to be being provided to Moscow by Iran.

The drones have been described as an update on the principles of the terrifying Nazi V1 rocket that was used to batter Brits during WW2.

Describing itself, the app says: “If you see a missile or an unmanned aerial vehicle, an aeroplane or a helicopter, or you hear an explosion, calmly go to the ePPO Observer application, select the desired category, then point your smartphone in the direction of what you saw or heard and press the big red button.

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"By doing this, you will warn the air defence forces about a possible threat and probably save many lives!"

In order to stop Russian saboteurs from hijacking the use of the app, prospective users undergo a brief vetting process, the Express reports.

Speaking to, NGO Technari’s Gennadiy Suldin said: "We made the air defence system, constantly consulting with the specialists of our air defence, who are in my view the best in the world.

"From the beginning, the development was coordinated with the south command and senior officers of the Ukrainian Air Force."

Russia’s new unmanned flying weapons, called Shahed-136 suicide drones, have so far been used to hit targets across Ukraine, including in civilian areas of Kyiv.

Writing in The War Zone, air warfare specialist Thomas Newdick said: "This sounds very much like a World War Two-style use of civilian observers to spot incoming air raids and then provide supplemental information.

"It could be broadly useful, especially if there was a large incoming formation of drones… air defence units would be able to see fairly rapidly where there is a spike in this data being supplied."

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