Ukrainian POW had last cigarette before being shot dead by Russian soldiers

Chilling video has emerged of an Ukrainian prisoner of war taking his last cigarette before being "executed by Russian troops".

The unarmed man stood in a trench next to a shallow grave and shouted "glory to Ukraine" after puffing on a cigarette.

One of the shooters – believed to be a Russian soldier – can be heard saying "die, b*tch" before shooting the soldier dead with automatic weapons.

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The soldier was named by the Ukrainian military on Tuesday as Tymofiy Shadura, who had been reported missing since February 3.

He was last seen in the frontline fighting near the eastern city of Bakhmut, according to the 30th Separate Mechanised Brigade.

His sister told the BBC: "My brother would certainly be capable of standing up to the Russians like that.

"He never hid the truth in his life and certainly wouldn't do so in front of the enemy."

It was unclear when the clip was taken but it appeared on social media on Monday (March 6).

One Twitter user wrote: "I cut this video because of how gruesome the end of it is, but we need to see ho inhumane and monstrous the Russians are in Ukraine.

"Russia is not the 'good guys' in all of this – they are the invaders. They are the ones bombing hospitals and schools of a sovereign nation."

Another said: "Never forget. My condolences to his family, friends and all of you fighting alongside him."

"Amen to him and all Ukrainians who have given thier lives for their country and freedom. Slava Ukraine," a third added.

In the statement issued by the brigade, they said: "Currently, the body of our servicemen is in the temporarily occupied territory."

Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the alleged killing and shared a messaged on his official account, saying: "I want us all to respond to his words together, in unity: 'Glory to Ukraine!'

"And we will find the murderers. Ukraine will not forget the feat of each and every one whose lives gave freedom to Ukraine for ever."


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