US tensions EXPLODE as police arrest man for ‘threatening mass shooting’ if Biden wins

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The man, from the Los Angeles area in California, could be heard saying he would “do like a school shooter, just take out all these Democrats” if Mr Biden were elected president on a video posted to social media platform Instagram, according to the Los Angeles Times. He was taken into custody while driving after police pulled him over following reports made to the FBI.

A spokeswoman for the intelligence agency said: “The FBI is aware of the reported threats, and we’re working with our partners. The subject is being evaluated by state officials.”

A counter-terrorism branch of the US law enforcement known as CT 6, which specialises in domestic terror tip-offs, was involved in the detention.

It is thought the man may be held in custody for mental health reasons, sources added.

The FBI added the federal government in the US has “not made any arrest nor filed charges” related to the threat.

It is not the first threat of violence that authorities have responded to amid the tense election.

In Philadelphia, two men were arrested by police on Thursday this week following reports a group of armed individuals were headed to a vote-counting centre in the city.

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There, final votes are being counted to decide whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump will win the state of Pennsylvania.

Police received reports that a vehicle – a silver Hummer – was on its way to the convention centre and that people inside were armed.

On Thursday night, a silver Hummer was spotted by Philadelphia police with no-one inside, the police department said.

Less than 10 minutes later, officers spotted two men with guns who were then arrested after failing to present a valid state permit for them.

No-one was hurt, and the two men were charged with firearms offences.

Larry Krasner, District Attorney for Philadelphia, said the following day: “At this time, we do not have indications that the story is bigger than these two individuals,” according to the Washington Post.

He also said the arrests may be “nothing more than two people deciding to come to Philadelphia at a particular time”.

Meanwhile, police in the US city of Portland, Oregon, declared a riot this week after reports of “widespread violence”. The National Guard was also deployed.

Hundreds reportedly gathered on a waterfront in the city, to challenge what they saw as efforts by the President to intervene in the vote count.

Meanwhile, a separate group of demonstrators damaged property in the city’s downtown region protesting against the police.

In Phoenix, Arizona, around 150 supporters of Mr Trump gathered outside of an office where votes were being counted.

And in Detroit, Michigan, more supporters of the President were gathered earlier this week calling for officials to “stop the count”.

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