‘We will never stop’ Rebels vow new attacks after Russia spy plane hit

A Belarusian rebel group have vowed to launch more “secret” attacks on the Kremlin after they blew up a spy plane on Belarus soil. Aliaksandr Azarau, leader of a militia he claims is 200,000 strong, told Express.co.uk they “will never stop” in a fresh warning to Putin and his ally Alexander Lukashenko.

Mr Azarau is the head of BYPOL, a paramilitary group run by disillusioned former staff of the Belarusian security services.

The group gained notoriety this week after it claimed it had destroyed a Russian military plane near the Belarus capital.

Arazau said: “We will never stop. We are going to fight against the Russian regime of Lukashenko for the victory of democracy and independence of our country.”

He said the world can expect to see more work by his partisans in the near future.

BYPOL destroys £274m spy plane using drones

The group destroyed a high-tech A-50 surveillance plane. 

The attack was reportedly done by two operatives who used kamikaze drones. They have already scaped the country.


Azarau and the other BYPOL executives live in Poland in exile but command thousands of Belarusians using the encrypted social media app Telegram.

Their attack on the Russian plane was part of a mysterious operation called the “Victory Plan”.

The plan, which started in May 2021, is aimed at preventing Putin from taking over Belarus – a process Azarau claims started when pro-Russian Lukashenko rigged the presidential election in 2020. They have also been supporting the war in Ukraine.

As part of the Victory Plan, militants previously attacked railways in Ukraine. But according to Azarau, they started to attack targets in Belarus when they “understood Russia has occupied Belarus territory”.

He said they had to stop attacking the railways because it was becoming “too dangerous” as Russia started mobilising troops to protect the railway.

He said several of his men were arrested by Belarusian authorities and “some” were shot in the legs, with the ordeal broadcasted on Belarusian state TV.

In another incident, three BYPOL militants were sentenced to prison after burning electronic equipment on a stretch of the Belarusian railway.

Denis Dikun, 23, Dimitry Ravich, 22, and Oleg Molchanov, 21, attacked the railway during the advance of Russian troops to Kyiv from Gomel last year. The trio were arrested in the Russian town of Svetlogorsk in March.

BYPOL has been raising money to pay for lawyers to help with their release.

Azarau said: “We know that Lukashenko will never go without force. He said about this that he will be president till his death… This is why we decided to create such kind of plan.”

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