What kind of bum wiper are you? Coronavirus may change that

You’ve probably seen the headlines: novel coronavirus panic has people lining their homes with every bit of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and canned food they can acquire.

People have shared pictures of empty grocery store shelves that have only seemed to further fuel the toilet paper panic, despite assurances from retailers that Canada will not run out and despite some stores cracking down on how many rolls people can buy in one go.

But here’s the thing: you don’t actually need to wipe your butt with toilet paper. And if the reported spike in sales for companies like Brondell, Hygiene for Health and Tushy are any indication, more people are wising up to the alternatives.

After all, as one popular writer, Indi Samarajiva, wrote last year:

“We all have butts and they all need to be washed.”

Toilet paper wasn’t always the go-to for people needing to wipe their bums clean.

In December 2012, the BMJ medical journal did a deep dive on classical era toilet hygiene that Scientific American picked up on for its appropriately titled “all the ways we’ve wiped” issue the following spring.

What are some of the ways people have wiped?

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