Wife pranks husband saying she won lottery – then scoops £1m 3 weeks later

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    A woman who tricked her husband into thinking they had won the lottery ended up becoming a millionaire for real just three weeks later after she won big in a EuroMillions draw.

    Charlotte Peart, a former admin worker, initially dismissed a National Lottery email as she thought it was just to say she had won £3 but it turned out to be a whopping £1million windfall.

    In an audio clip of Charlotte ringing the lotto call centre, she can be heard laughing and saying: "I think I'm going to cry." She has now revealed how she used her winnings to start a business, buy a family home and spend more time with her hubby Daniel and their three kids.

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    Charlotte scooped £1m in a 2018 EuroMillions draw, not long after she pranked Daniel by making him believe they had bagged a £250,000 jackpot.

    So when she rang him to say they had matched five numbers, he needed proof in the form of a screengrab. In a clip, she says: "I found out this morning. You get emails come through and you've won three quid so I left it.

    "I thought I would just go on there and check it. I didn't expect to see six zeros at the end. You don't see that often. I can't believe it, I think I'm in shock."

    After confirming the win, the operator says: "Congratulations, have a good day." To which Charlotte replies: "I'm having a brilliant day, cheers!"

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    Five years later, the mum-of-three recalled in a chat with the Mirror: "I vividly remember it, I could not stop giggling. It was nerves coupled with shocked disbelief. Two weeks earlier I had wound Daniel up that we'd won £250,000 so to call to officially claim £1m was just crazy."

    Charlotte, 33, used the last £1.50 in their online lotto account to enter the draw and they ended up buying their dream family home.

    Daniel, 32, still works as a carpenter while Charlotte has started her own small business.

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    They now have two labradors, one of which is named Millie, short for millionaire. She said: "Without our win it just wouldn't have been possible."

    Since its launch in 1994, The National Lottery has created 7,000 millionaires.

    Many winners are left speechless, while a poll found that 13% burst into tears, 5% danced and another 13% ran around the room. In 2022 alone, 375 people became millionaires. Anita Pires, who works at the call centre, said: "Reactions differ enormously, I've heard it all."

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