Woman bitten by giant rat after falling in sloping and infested garden

A woman says she was "bitten" by a rat after falling over in her bungalow sloping garden.

Michelle Dudley has lived in the Sandwell Council owned bungalow in Tipton, West Midlands, for four years now – but this isn’t her first fall in the sloping garden.

The 41-year-old fell in the garden and wound up in A&E one year after moving into the property.

According to BirminghamLive, Michelle also had to have a tetanus injection after feeling the "bite" on her finger, just before seeing a rat run from the garden.

Michelle needed a bungalow due to her disability caused by nerve damage in her face, back, and shoulder.

However, she claimed she was only given 30 minutes to "make up her mind" so she accepted the council property despite the sloped garden.

She said: "I had 30 minutes to make up my mind on this bungalow so I took it.

"There's a great big slope in the garden, I fell down that and was bitten by a rat.

"I was a bit stunned for a bit and felt this bite on my finger and saw the rat under my neighbour's fence. It was all a bit of a shock. I bumped my head on a concrete fence stump in the garden.

"The garden was infested with rats and I've got a phobia of them. My dad had to keep coming and moving them from the garden.

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"I've been onto the council about the garden. I haven't used the garden ever since. I was absolutely petrified.

"I want the council to come and sort the garden but they said no it's landscaping."

She explained that after telling the council they sent someone to lay rat traps and said someone would come and remove them, but her dad removed them.

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A Sandwell Council spokesman said: “The council did receive and respond to requests from this tenant for pest control services in 2019. There have been no further requests since then.

“If pest control services are required, residents can make an appointment online at www.sandwell.gov.uk/pestcontrol or by calling our contact centre on 0121 368 1177 Option 7.

“We have carried out some remedial work on the garden, and we will make arrangements to visit the tenant to discuss any outstanding concerns.”

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