Woman buys £20 lamb in pub to stop it being slaughtered by farmer the next day

A woman was shocked when her mum asked if she was free for a FaceTime only to introduce her to the latest member of the family – a lamb.

Sophie Galustian, from Manchester, took to Twitter and wrote: "So my mum bought a lamb for £20 so it doesn’t get killed tomorrow and is planning to keep her in the garden with the dogs?

"Honestly, wish I could say I’m surprised but it’s very her."

The shocked daughter also shared a hilarious screenshot of the FaceTime call.

People were quick to comment on the amusing tale – with many saying one part in particular is the highlight.

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"Your face on the FaceTime screen is the best bit of this entire thing…" wrote one, while a second joked: "If she doesn't use it as her profile pic I will."

A third added: "That would be my face if my mum brought home a baby lamb," while a fourth wrote: "I love your mum."

In the original post, Sophie also posted a screenshot of her exchange with her mum, where she can be seen asking: "I'm in bed, you OK?"

Her mum then asks her to FaceTime her, before adding: "I came into the bar to meet Carlos after work and just bought a baby lamb that was going to get killed tomorrow only eight days old."

The post quickly went viral, and Sophie even updated her followers on the lamb's progress.

Sharing a snap of Larry sunbathing by the patio doors, she penned: "UPDATE: The lamb is called Larry. He is healthy and doing well. Mum is hand feeding him special milk from the vet and he loves his new home."

The post has so far garnered over 507k likes, 59.9k retweets and hundreds of comments from members of the public – with many admitting they too have a pet lamb.

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"My father did the same but ours wasn’t being sent to be killed. My dad just really wanted a lamb. I wasn’t surprised when he told me because he already did that when he bought a pet pig. Meet Louie," wrote one, while a second commented:

"My sister and her boyfriend in Australia did this! They found Jerry stuck in a fence when the fires were raging in January."

A third added: "We did the same I recommend it, this is Martha now Sparkles," while a fourth penned: "That’s amazing, my mum's friend kept a lamb and it’s part of their family now."

Sophie appeared to be overwhelmed by the responses, before thanking everyone for their 'kind words' about her mum.

She continued: "She’s the kindest most selfless person I know. Larry will be incredibly well looked after."

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