Woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann has one memory that could be Maddies

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    A young woman who thinks she could be Madeleine McCann says her early memories are "eerily similar" to where the missing tot vanished.

    Julia Wendell, who is also referred to as Julia Faustyna, says she remembers being by the beach by the ocean – her one memory from early childhood.

    Julia has recently appeared on hit US reality show Dr Phil to talk about her experience and claims.

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    The TV host told his audience: “Julia says she has no recollection of her earlier childhood, except for one memory.

    "What she remembers is eerily similar to the place where Madeleine McCann was last seen alive."

    Julia has claimed that she could be the little girl who went missing Praia De Luz, Portugal, in 2007 and has built up a following online through her claims.

    After Dr Phil’s introduction, she continued: “I have some single memories since eight, nine years old.

    "And before eight, I have only this one memory with beach and water, like sea or ocean, and there were turtles and children trying to catch the turtles and take them in their hands.

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    "And I remembered light-coloured buildings, like white or very light colours, sunlight on this building."

    Julia, who is currently waiting on DNA results, has been working with Dr Fia Johansson, a private investigator who goes by the name the Persian Medium on her social channels, was also on the show to discuss the latest with Julia.

    Fia said: "When I put it all together, I thought, 'Hmm, something makes sense and I need to get into why she remembers just that things'."

    Discussing the buildings in Julia’s memory, she added: "So that could be one of those memories too that maybe she had at the age of three.

    "That could possibly be the same building that Madeleine vanished in 2007."

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