World War 3: Major conflict fears erupt after expert claims ‘US has China surrounded’

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The nations have long been tangled in a war of rhetoric, each using any opportunity available to take aim at the other. More recently, the two have grabbed hold of the coronavirus outbreak, attempting to politicise its origins and causes.

Today, the US upped its game, accusing China of hacking coronavirus research.

US officials claimed that China-linked hackers were targeting organisations researching the pandemic, with the FBI disclosing it had seen hacking attempts on US groups researching vaccines, treatments and testing.

Cyber-espionage is something the US has long accused China of.

Beijing, however, has repeatedly denied committing such acts.

Both have accused each other of failing to contain the outbreak,

The US has fast become the worst affected country in the world, with nearly 100,000 deaths and over a million confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, in China, just over 4,600 died with a further 82,000 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Earlier this month, Us Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, went as far as to claim there is “enormous evidence” the outbreak originated in a Chinese laboratory.

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He failed, however, to provide any of the alleged evidence.

His comments mirrored those of President Donald Trump, who days before undercut his own intelligence service agencies by suggesting he had seen evidence to back up claims the coronavirus originated in a lab.

This came despite the fact the US national intelligence director’s office said it was still investigating how the virus began.

Many have noted how the coronavirus outbreak has offered both China and the US a solid, tangible, justification for their toing and froing.


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The veteran investigative journalist, John Pilger, in a 2016 documentary titled ‘The Coming War on China’ explored the many ways in which hostilities had increased since the turn of the century.

Tracing the conflict as far back as the 19th century and the OPium Wars, Mr Pilger spoke to US historian Professor Bruce Cumings, a specialist in East Asian history.

After explaining how the US had slowly built a military empire around China.

He said: ”We have China surrounded and we’re doing more all the time to try and keep it surrounded and deepen that containment of China.

“But China presents a fascinating case of a country that is independent.

“It doesn’t have foreign bases on its territory, its growing very rapidly not as rapidly now as it did for 30 years, but is still the second-ranking economy in the world.”

Similarly, James Bradley, an author and China expert, explained the extent to which the US appeared as a threat to Beijing.

He said: “If you were in Beijing, standing on top of the tallest building and looking out at the Pacific Ocean, you’d see American warships.

“You’d see Guam is about to sink because there’s so many missiles pointed at China.

“You’d look up at Korea and see American armaments pointing at China.

“You’d see Japan, which is basically a glove over the American fist.

“I think if I was Chinese I’d have a little to worry about American aggressiveness.”

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