Yorkshire Ripper sent X-rated selfies from fans in bid to get him to write back

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Women are bombarding the Yorkshire Ripper with saucy selfies so they can flog his letters to ghouls.

Peter Sutcliffe has seen a huge rise in correspondence since being moved to a maximum security jail from a mental hospital.

And many are from women hoping to strike up a lucrative pen-pal relationship with the serial killer so they can sell his letters for hundreds of pounds on internet sites.

They send the 74-year-old letters packed with sexual references and include raunchy snaps in a bid to entice him to write back.

But prison bosses at Frankland jail in Co Durham are weeding out any snaps that are too raunchy.

Last night a source said: “There is a market for letters, cards and drawings from killers and the prices can be quite high.

“Peter Sutcliffe is known the world over so his material goes for a premium.

“He’s getting a lot of letters now because he is back in the public eye due to being transferred.

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"He knows some of the letters are sold on but he is a prolific letter writer and women who write to him often receive a reply.”

Several of his letters are on a US-based site that also includes items of clothing.

A black shirt is listed at £1,451 and would-be buyers are told: “The Yorkshire Ripper was convicted in 1981 of murdering 13 women.”

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Back in July, the Daily Star Sunday revealed Sutcliffe is dishing out relationship advice from his cell to women trapped in abusive partnerships.

He has written scores of letters to “fans” to counsel them on their rocky love lives.

A collector of the serial killer’s notes and possessions told the Daily Star Sunday that Sutcliffe “loves to give relationship advice, like an agony uncle”.

He told one of his many penpals that an abusive husband should have been charged with grievous bodily harm for attacking a woman – despite using knives, hammers and screwdrivers to kill his victims.

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