You can catch coronavirus without travelling. Here’s how

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across Canada, “community cases” are on the rise — and such cases may indicate a shift in how COVID-19 affects the country moving forward.

“Rather, it’s detected in someone who has no travel history and who isn’t associated with someone who has a travel history.”

This is relatively concerning for public health officials because it means the virus is in the community and “no one knows where it has come from or even how widespread it is in the community,” Hoption Cann said.

“That’s why public health agencies are working so hard to prevent community transmission as it is much harder to control its spread.”

On March 5, Canada’s first community case was reported, involving a Vancouver-area woman who caught the virus without having recently left the country.

Then on Tuesday, B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced the province wasn’t sure where one of its newest cases was acquired and that another, a man in his 40s, seems to have caught the virus in the community.

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