Zelensky proposes peace plan as he warns Putin could expand conflict in Europe

Zelensky speaks at the UNGA about the death of Prigozhin

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has proposed a peace plan at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York on Wednesday.

Zelensky presented his country’s 10-point plan to end the war with Russia and called for Moscow to be stripped of its veto power over the Council.

The Ukraine president’s audience was made up of other global leaders, including allies and representatives of countries that have been impartial about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Zelensky said in his speech at the UN Security Council meeting: “I would not be here today if Ukraine had no proposals precisely regarding some specific solutions.

“Yesterday in my address to the UN General Assembly, I said that the Ukrainian peace formula had become the basis to update the existing security architecture in the world to restore the real power of the UN Charter and the rule-based international order.”

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Zelensky added to the council: “It is a criminal and unprovoked aggression by Russia against our nation aimed at seizing Ukraine’s territory and resources. The resolutions of the General Assembly have clearly recognized the fact that the only source of this war is Russia.

“Russia has killed at least tens of thousands of our people and turned millions into refugees by destroying their homes. Most of the world recognizes the truth about this war.”

As outlined on his Telegram account, the first step of Zelensky’s peace plan consists of the complete withdrawal of Russian troops and military formations – including the Russian Black Sea Fleet – from the entire sovereign territory of Ukraine.

The second step outlines a full return to Ukraine of effective control over their state border and exclusive economic zone.

Zelensky wrote in his third step that “a system of aggression prevention through early response to actions directed against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states is needed.”

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The president continued to propose his peace plan, saying there is a need to expand participation and access to the work of the Security Council for underrepresented countries.

He wrote on Telegram: “The UN Security Council must fully [be] accountable to the nations of the world. Everyone in the world can see what exactly makes the UN ineffective.

“In this seat in the Security Council, which Russia occupies illegally due to behind-the-scenes manipulations after the collapse of the Soviet Union, sit liars whose job it is to justify the aggression and genocide committed by Russia.”

Zelensky again emphasized his call for the UN to override Moscow’s veto: “The veto in the hands of the aggressor is what drove the UN into a dead end.”

He added: “No matter who you are, the existing UN system still makes you less than the veto power that only a few have and that is used by one – Russia – to the detriment of all other UN members.

“But we can also observe that Russia will not give up this stolen privilege voluntarily. Therefore, the UN General Assembly should be given a real power to overcome the veto.”

Zelensky also gave a warning that Putin’s power in the UN could expand conflict throughout Europe.

He wrote on Telegram: “I am aware of attempts to make some shady deals behind the scenes. Evil cannot be trusted. Ask Prigozhin whether Putin’s promises should be trusted.”

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