2026 Cadillac Vistiq Three-Row SUV Is The Electric Baby Escalade

Cadillac has way more electric vehicle models in the “upcoming releases” section than in showrooms, and you can add a new one to that list—the 2026 Cadillac Vistiq midsize SUV.

Don’t get us wrong, the more EVs the better, but we hope Cadillac will be able to launch and manufacture these new models as planned. After all, the Lyriq’s rollout has been far from ideal in that respect. Now, GM’s luxury arm describes the Vistiq as a “distinctive and innovative” EV designed for the modern family, but unfortunately, it provides very few details about the new model.

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The Vistiq looks like a good addition to the lineup, but when will it launch?

The 2026 Cadillac Vistiq will join a market segment that’s not that crowded at the moment, that of mid-size luxury three-row electric SUVs. But GM has had so many delays with its EVs that we can’t help but wonder when the Vistiq will hit the market—the fact that it’s a 2026 model year doesn’t look that encouraging.

This is a new luxury three-row SUV that will slot between the Lyriq—Cadillac’s only EV on sale at the moment—and the forthcoming Escalade IQ. Think of it as the all-electric equivalent to the Cadillac XT6 but with the same styling language we’ve already seen on the Lyriq, Optiq, and Escalade IQ.

Actually, it looks like a baby Escalade IQ, although the body appears slightly better proportioned in these photos. Photos of the interior aren’t available yet, but we should probably expect influences from both the Lyriq and Escalade IQ when it comes to the looks and functionality of the cabin.

“Vistiq adds another compelling EV to the Cadillac lineup, reinforcing our commitment to an electric future,” said John Roth, vice president of Global Cadillac. “Our brand now has an EV entry in most luxury segments, offering customers a range of choices, and Cadillac EVs will cover most luxury SUV segments across critical global markets in the next two years.”

Additional Vistiq details, including available features and pricing, will be released sometime next year when the full unveiling takes place. The Vistiq utilizes GM’s Ultium battery and drive units, just like the other electric SUVs Cadillac has announced so far and the rest of the GM EV family. Given its size and positioning, it may use the BEV3 architecture and not the Escalade IQ’s BT1 SUV/truck platform that’s shared with the GMC Hummer EV, Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC Sierra EV, and more upcoming models.

It remains to be seen which drivetrain configurations the Vistiq will offer, but a dual-motor AWD setup is a given, either standard or as an option. We say that because of the “600E4” badge visible on the Vistiq’s tailgate in one of the photos. The “600” represents the rounded torque figure in Newton-meters (for some reason), while “E4” stands for “electric” and “four-wheel drive.”

An identical badge is used by the Lyriq AWD, so it’s safe to assume that the Vistiq gets the same dual-motor AWD powertrain that makes 500 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. Does it also get the 102-kilowatt-hour battery pack that enables a range of 307 miles in the Lyriq? We don’t know, but if it does, we expect the range to take a significant hit. A single-motor RWD powertrain could be offered as standard, but that’s just speculation.

The Escalade IQ’s standard AWD setup that delivers 680 hp and 615 lb-ft of torque in the normal driving mode would probably be a good fit as a range-topping powertrain for the Vistiq, although we doubt Cadillac will put a 200-kWh+ battery in its midsize SUV.

Still, the beauty of GM’s BEV3 platform and its Ultium batteries and drive units is that they’re very modular and configurable, so General Motors has probably been able to tailor the ideal drivetrain for the Vistiq, including a right-sized battery pack.

The Vistiq is Cadillac’s fifth EV and the third one confirmed this year, after the Escalade IQ and the Optiq, which acts as the Cadillac EV lineup’s entry point in North America starting in 2024. How will the Vistiq stack up when it goes on sale? And more importantly given it’s a 2026MY, when will it go on sale?

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