4th service of my Mahindra XUV700 diesel AT: Tasks performed & costs

The test drive tech himself was not happy with the brake pedal feel and once again bleeding was done.

BHPian A.G. recently hared this with other enthusiasts.

4th Service of 40,000 Kms:

During the general check-up and rear brake pad change, I updated about the upcoming travel (detailed here in link) and had enquired about the delay allowance in service. Getting the confidence that I can get the service done prior to 41K Kms mark was a real breather as it didn’t disrupt the plan. It also meant I didn’t need to rush for service immediately the next day upon return.

A day after returning back, I enquired about the rush and was advised to come the next morning for service. While this meant that I would not be in office for another day after an already a week’s gap, it turned out to be beneficial.

Getting the job card opened @ 40.5K Kms

In the service bay:

The new Ultra V4 Oil (again no specs on the oil can):

This service required Brake Oil replacement which took most of the time. After brake oil replacement and brake bleeding, a road trial was done and the pedal kept on sinking. The bleeding process was repeated once again.

Waiting for the second round of test drive:

The test drive tech himself was not happy with the brake pedal feel and once again bleeding was done. Finally the bleeding was done post a service procedure being run via the laptop and in a different manner – it was done diagonally as recommended by the service tool with Rear Left then Front Right followed by Rear Right and then finally Front Left.

Bleeding being done post running the service procedure via the laptop

Hoping this to be the final round of test drive:

Finally both of us were happy with the feel of the brake pedal which regained all it’s lost sharpness. Glad they had called me in the morning.

The only sour point was the vehicle was taken to the washing area where it was numbered and put in a que. Yet a technician drove another XUV7OO and tried to cut the que by moving mine across over to the side where all the accident waste was dump – the situation become a bit tensed as it was run across broken glass before I or the other’s present on spot could intervene. Luckily there was no damage to the passenger side tyres but it’s shameful that people don’t have any regret for their dumb actions. And yes the que was still not followed despite numbering.

The heart-in-mouth moment (this was captured after backing up as it was driven even beyond the blue cap in bottom right):

Finally reached the lift for washing with the mats being removed for through cleaning:

Washing in progress:

The total service bill came to Rs. 9,859/- which included 10L DEF, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Air filter and cabin filter apart from Brake Oil and V4 Ultra Engine oil.

Since the 30K service done in 3rd week of August till the 40K service in 4th week of November, there had been only NO unscheduled visits barring the general check-up before the trip. Hopefully the persistent issues of Android Auto frequent disconnections and the foot-ball in boot noise are addressed by Mahindra soon to elevate the ownership experience.

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