My Seltos facelift GTX+ DCT end-to-end experience: Booking to ownership

I take longer in my i10 to reverse out of my parking spot than in the Seltos due to the ease it provides.

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End-to-end experience of our Seltos Facelift (GTX+ DCT)

Got the car delivered to me and my family on Nov 1st!! Within 5 weeks of the booking date to the committed 15-16 weeks – which is honestly remarkable IMO.

Listing down my entire booking and pre-delivery, delivery and experience to date with our Pewter Olive GTX+ DCT.

Booking and pre-delivery

Reached out to Frontier Kia first, and we weren’t impressed by their handling and proactiveness – so contacted Jayanti KIA and it was probably a great decision keeping in mind that we had absolutely 0 issues or niggles with the entire experience.

Booked in the last week of September, the SA came to our house to take the booking. We paid the 25k amount and then waited till we were messaged around Oct 3rd week to get the CSD procedure initiated as the car is available to be allotted within a week. TBH I thought there was something fishy as it’s been less than 1 month since the booking (p.s. there was nothing as such).

The SA was communicative and responsive to all our questions. PDI was scheduled, via Zekardo (in detail in post #975). All was smoothly done, delivery was scheduled for 4 days later as BH registration from the RTO office took a while due to public holidays


The car was ready for us. Looked gorgeous.

Paid for the accessories, and logged into MyKia and Kia Connect. Kia Connect didn’t work for the first 1 week, they fixed something on the back end – however, it still wasn’t fixed at my end. I called customer care through the website number and they helped me figure it out and it’s now connected end-to-end.

Took delivery of the car, turned off the forward collision warning, and had barely any petrol so got that filled too.

Experience till now

  • Drive – Driven around 350kms only. For city (Delhi) errands I can’t seem to get my head around not taking out my i10 for many reasons so our Seltos hasn’t been getting much runtime.
  • What a beast of a machine, idk if I’m biased or if the Delta from my 10-year-old i10 is that great but driving the turbo petrol DCT is just so fun and easy. Pick-up is great, power delivery is great – bare minimum lag is there but just about to the limit to not hamper those split-second decisions.
  • Can reach 80kmph in absolutely no time without the slightest discomfort or hesitance.
  • Overall mileage to date has been 9.9/10 KMPL. Driving was completely in the city with probably a stretch of 2-3km once or twice in the past 2 weeks without any traffic or stoppages.
  • Space – Front seats are extremely comfortable, viewing angle height everything works for me / my family. The back seats are decent at best, leg room is more than adequate, however, centre seat is stiff. The least recline angle is a bit too much as it eats up into the boot space. Boot space could’ve been a bit more i feel the 433L tag isn’t justified due to the dimensions.

Features / Functionalities:

  • 360-degree cam: I can’t drive any decently sized car without a 360 camera due to its sheer convenience. I use it in case I’m in a tight spot just to be sure as I’ve turned off most DAW features. I take longer in my i10 to reverse out of my parking spot than the Seltos due to the ease it provides (I’m not a relatively new driver, have been driving for over 9-10 years).
  • Auto hold: makes you feel like we’re karting – that system is best made for Indian roads and traffic.
  • Maps / Navigation: POOR. Quite unintuitive, lacks many basic locations, and gives out multiple results with bare minimum tagging to be able to select the right destination. The route choices are questionable too. As someone who has more screen time on Google Maps than say Instagram – this is something that really put me off. Having to use my phone to navigate isn’t ideal or safe.
  • Kia Connect app: can start, stop the engine, AC, and honk all remotely. More than that we can pre-send our location to the car and upon entry just gotta select the location on the popup for directions. Also gives absolute peace of mind in case of key is left inside we can remotely unlock it.
  • Dual-zone AC: was under the impression that it might be a gimmick but came in handy on the 2nd day on the drive itself when my co-passenger was feeling cold whereas I was driving with 19C and ventilated seats.
  • Wireless charging: Great utility and the speed of charging is impressive.
  • Keyless entry: The auto unfolding of SVM and unlocking of the door is great and honestly gives me the kicks. Lacks a memory seat option which would have been great but not complaining.
  • Sunroof: Shade (only, not the glass) is open 24/7, giving an airy feel to the cabin. However one-touch functionality isn’t working but I can’t be bothered to get it fixed as it’s not adding any discomfort.


Can’t be happier with the choice we’ve made vis-a-vis the other cars (Creta, Kushaq, slavia, xuv700, Harrier) that were in our consideration bucket. Ticks all the boxes, gives you joy upon driving and anything that feels could have been there is completely overshadowed by the abundance of the host of must-have features that this car provides.

Happy driving to the rest of the forum!

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