Penang ferry service offering 30% discount on season passes for motorcyclists – RM105 until June 30, 2024 –

Operator of the new Penang ferry service, Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB), has announced that it will offer a 30% discount on season passes for motorcyclists using the service, Bernama has reported.

The fare discount comes after the company announced its fares last week for both terminals, the Sultan Abdul Halim terminal (SAHT) on the mainland and the Raja Tun Uda Jetty on Penang island.

The season pass for motorcyclists, which is normally priced at RM150, will now instead be sold at RM105 until June 30, 2024, according to the announcement by PPSB. The cost of each trip on the latest season pass pricing works out to RM1.75, instead of RM2.50 on regular pricing, and is calculated based on an average of 60 trips a month, Bernama wrote.

The Penang ferry service operator will also offer an additional trip at 11pm daily from the Sultan Abdul Halim terminal (SAHT) in Butterworth in order for the ferry services to be synchronised with other modes of transport in the state, PPSB was quoted as saying.

For regular pricing, the new Penang ferry charges pedestrians RM1 for those aged 12 and under (FOC for kids under five years), and RM2 for those above 12 years of age, and also RM23 for those with bicycles. Motorcyclists are charged RM2.50; these fares are for a single, one-way trip. Unlike the old Penang ferries, the new ferries do not take cars.

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