Angela Rayner blasted by Michael Gove as she blocks new housebuilding rules

Sunak says house building rule will ‘unlock 100,000 new homes’

Labour is set to deal a blow to the Tories’ new housebuilding initiative, which Rishi Sunak said could unlock 100,000 new homes by 2030.

The Government is poised to introduce new legislation abolishing old EU rules around ‘nutrient neutrality’, which would remove the requirement for Natural England to advise councils not to approve housing schemes in areas where protected waterways are at risk from pollution.

The move would be mitigated with a new package of environmental measures to protect rivers from nitrate and phosphate pollution, meaning cleaner water and more homes, according to the government.

It appears Labour is poised to oppose the move in the House of Lords, however, potentially vetoing the plans altogether as the Government doesn’t have a majority in the upper house.

Due to Parliamentary rules, if the amendment is blocked by peers, MPs will not then have the opportunity to force it through.

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Green peer Jenny Jones is among those who has said she will block the changes on environmental grounds, and urged Labour to reject the proposals.

Amid rumours that Labour, under the leadership of their new housing spokeswoman Angela Rayner, will vote against the housing amendment, the Government has come out fighting.

Michael Gove said: “Today ,Labour claimed to be the party of homeownership yet tomorrow they plan to vote against new laws that would unlock 100,000 new homes and enhance the environment”.

“Sir Keir Starmer is attempting to end the dream of home ownership for thousands of families and young people with his poltiical game-playing.

“Labour are the party of the blockers not the builders.”

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He was joined by his deputy at the Levelling Up department, Housing Minister Rachel Maclean.

Ms Maclean warned the vote will be a “real test” for Labour, as it has been positioning itself as the pro-housing party.

She said: “Are they serious about fixing the problems facing the builders in our country as they’ve said? Or is it all just another flip flop from Starmer and Rayner? Worth reminding them that delivery of social housing is also held up because of these rules”.

“We have left the EU now, do Labour want to keep us aligned with legacy EU judgements which have done absolutely nothing to improve the quality of our rivers and protected sites?”

Labour is yet to comment on the reports it will vote against the amendment.

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