Nigel Farage erupts at return of face masks as he warns of fresh Covid measures

Nigel Farage on potential return of coronavirus masks

Nigel Farage has erupted at the return of Covid face masks at a major Hollywood studio and a US college.

Lionsgate in Santa Monica, California, and Morris Brown College in Atlanta have announced they are reinstating face coverings as coronavirus cases rise.

Mr Farage also pointed to US President Joe Biden urging Americans to get booster jabs.

The GB News presenter, who was broadcasting his show from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said: “Covid is coming back. Oh yes, government action on Covid is coming back indeed.

“The White House over the last 48 hours, the Biden administration, is advising people to get the booster jab, to get the flu jab and the RSV jab.

“Yes, all good Americans will go and get three more jabs.

“The whole of America is to resemble a pincushion because that’s what President Biden thinks you should do.

“And there are signs that Covid rates are picking up and, in accordance, medical grade masks are now to be worn at one of the biggest Hollywood studios, and indeed at one of the colleges, Atlanta University.

“Folks are we just going to sit around as the autumn and winter approach, and allow governments to do to us again what they put us through over the course of the last two and a half to three years.

“I think actually we’re getting very close where the time it is to stand up and stick up two fingers and to say, ‘to hell with you’. At least that’s my feeling.”

Lionsgate – best known for its horror franchise Saw and The Hunger Games – is asking staff to don face masks again at its office in Santa Monica after several employees tested positive.

Meanwhile, Morris Brown College, a private liberal arts school, is asking students and employees to wear face masks in hallways and lecture halls for two weeks due to reports of Covid cases.

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