Pollster tells Labour conference the party should sack left-wing MP Apsana Begum

Netanyahu tells Israel ‘we are at war’ as Hamas launches attack

Theresa May’s former pollster James Johnson has told the Labour conference this morning that they must crack down on hard left MPs like Apsana Begum or risk allowing them to “taint” the Labour brand.

Speaking at a Tony Blair Institute fringe event, Mr Johnson said Ms Begum “can and will taint the Labour brand if they are not removed or dealt with”.

He said she risks toxifying the party after her actions yesterday, which saw her endorse a pro-Palestinian stand at the Labour conference, just five hours after the same group announced a protest outside the Israeli embassy this evening, and blamed the horrific terror attacks on the actions of Israel.

He previously said Sir Keir Starmer should “obviously take the whip off people who have done this today – and ban them from Labour conference”.

Neither Labour nor Ms Begum have responded to the Express’s repeated requests for comment.

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At the same event where Mr Johnson demanded the Labour Party act against Ms Begum, former Labour MP Luciana Berger was welcomed back with rapturous applause.

Ms Berger quit the party under Jeremy Corbyn, due to the unbearable amount of antisemitism she witnessed and experienced.

Ms Berger left Mr Corbyn’s party in February 2019, before returning in February 2023.

This afternoon, Apsana Begum’s Liberal Democrat opposition said while they respect her right to support the Palestinian cause, they “fully condemn yesterday’s action by terrorist organisation Hamas and we call upon our local MP to do the same”.

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Editor of the Jewish Chronicle Stephen Pollard said that Starmer’s clean out of Corbynites “is far from complete”.

Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith said it was proof Labour “haven’t changed”.

Later this week a Labour fringe event at their conference, hosted by Friends of Palestine, will debate how Israel’s “far-right government” is driving worse health care and human rights in Palestine.

Tory MPs called for the event to be scrapped in light of the atrocities yesterday, with Dame Priti Patel telling the Express: “It is self-evident that Labour should cancel [the fringe meeting]”.

Mr Clarke-Smith said: “It is truly outrageous, especially given their history of institutional antisemitism, that an event like this is allowed to take place.

“I am amazed that Labour has allowed such inflammatory language to be used in their official programme. Sir Keir Starmer needs to explain why this hasn’t been picked up on and what he intends to do about it.”

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