Republican frontrunner to be Trump’s VP says he backs UK-US Free Trade Deal

Nigel Farage speaks to US Republican candidate Ramaswamy

A rising star of the Republican Party has given a boost to Brits demanding a US-UK free trade deal post-Brexit.

Vivek Ramaswamy, who is currently the odds-on favourite with the bookies to be picked by Donald Trump as his VP running mate at the election, told Nigel Farage he would back a Free Trade Deal if the Republicans defeat Joe Biden next year.

Despite having little name recognition in the UK, Mr Ramaswamy is a quickly rising star in the States, thanks to his youth, outsider status and right-wing views.

Yesterday, a poll of Republicans for the Daily Mail saw Mr Ramaswamy come out on top when asked who performed best in the Wednesday night debate, beating both Florida governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Of those polled thought Mr Ramaswamy did best, compared to 27 percent who plumped for anti-woke warrior Ron DeSantis.

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Speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News, Mr Ramaswamy spoke warmly about the prospect of the US-UK free trade agreement if he took power in 2024.

Mr Farage joked the British-US historic relationship has had some ups and downs – “1776, 1812, we had a couple of difficulties!” – and explained to Mr Ramaswamy: “We’ve been desperately looking to do a trade deal between the UK and the USA”.

“The Biden administration obstructs it constantly, would you be positive to that?”

The leading Republican voice replied with a confident “yes”.

“Depending on the terms, of course. I do think entering stronger bilateral trade relationships with our allies is a crucial step in declaring economic independence from China.”

Mr Ramaswamy said he is not an isolationist, “despite the media headlines”.

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Conservative Friends of America director Lord Wharton told the Express the comments should be welcomed.

“The US is the most important global partner for the UK and the worlds largest economy.

“A trade deal is by no means straightforward, but we should welcome any support and any progress they can be made.

“An even closer UK/US relationship could be a huge boost for the UK and that even in their coming elections it’s being talked about so prominently and positively underlines the importance of the relationship between our two countries.”

Mr Ramaswamy repeated his denial that he’s using the election to secure Mr Trump’s pick as vice president, saying he’s only in the race to win.

“See, this isn’t about me. If this were about me, sure. That’s a fine position for someone to have at my age.

“This is about reviving our country and I can only reunite this country if I’m doing it from the White House as the leader and the face of our movement.”

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