‘Best winter sun holiday’ for Brits has £1.50 pints, sex shows and epic parties

If you're looking to escape the UK's dreary winter weather you're in luck, as one sun-drenched hotspot has just been named the best winter sun holiday for Brits.

Thailand has been crowned this winter's must-visit thanks to its gorgeous beaches, amazing food, epic parties, impressive sights and cheap booze – in fact, the average cost of a pint in Thailand is £1.50, although it's possible to find cheaper beers while you're there.

The best time to visit is usually between November through to early April when it's hot and sunny, there's the least chance of rain and you're escaping the peak crowds as most of the season falls outside of school holiday dates.

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According to the travel experts at Skyscanner, Koh Samui specifically needs to be on your radar for a winter sun holiday, as it boasts balmy weather and average temperatures of around 27C.

Thailand’s second largest island is already famous for its picture-perfect beaches, bustling resorts and of course those world-famous Full Moon parties where Brits can let loose all-night-long while booze flows, fire performers make appearances and there's non-stop music until the early hours of the morning.

Back on the mainland Brits will also find heaps to do in the country's capital Bangkok, which is known for its epic street food, breathtaking temples, the awe-inspiring Grand Palace and plenty more. The city is also full of weird and wonderful places, such as a cafe that's entirely decorated with condoms, not to mention it's home to infamous sex shows. Be warned these can get quite graphic – one holidaymaker was shocked when she saw women shooting ping pong balls out of their vaginas on a recent trip.

With palm-fringed beaches, heaps of culture and generally cheap hotels and restaurants, it's no wonder Thailand remains a firm favourite for Brits. In fact, one man loved it so much he ditched the UK entirely to move there; and claims his rent costs for a three-bed villa with a pool are cheaper than his family have to pay for their flat in London.

It wasn't just Thailand that impressed in the Skyscanner rankings. Other long-haul hotspots included Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand. However these aren't exactly budget-friendly holiday destinations for Brits. Luckily, a few spots closer to home also made the cut. Both Lanzarote and Tenerife have been tipped as must-visits for December.

The Canaries tend to boast year-round sunshine and balmy temperatures around 20-25C in December, meaning you could enjoy enough sun to relax by the pool or go for a stroll along the gorgeous beaches and promenades. There are also still plenty of brilliant hotels, bars and restaurants that keep their doors open for winter, so you won't miss out on the atmosphere from the summer although there will be smaller crowds!

You can check out Skycanner's top 10 list below…

  1. Koh Samui, Thailand
  2. Melbourne, Australia
  3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  4. Auckland, New Zealand
  5. Praia, Cape Verde
  6. Cape Town, South Africa
  7. Key West, USA
  8. Cancun, Mexico
  9. Lanzarote, Canary Islands
  10. Tenerife, Canary Islands

You can find out more in Skyscanner's Travel Trends Report.

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