Parents in hysterics at UK kids’ park where statues ‘look like raging psychos’

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  • Tourists have been left somewhat horrified after visiting an unusual children’s park in Aberdeen featuring statues of beloved characters like Cinderella, Peppa Pig, Shrek, the Teletubbies. 

    However, they don't look like the stuff of fairytales. Instead, parents have described the creations as "raging pyschos" who look "like they're on drugs" – and to be honest, we don't blame them. 

    'Shrek' and friends look like they've had a night out to end all night outs, Cinderella's carriage is ready for the scrap heap, and a 'friendly' train looks like it could easily be a serial killer clown. 

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    One review, posted on TripAdvisor, said: "You have too see it well worth a visit although it was on and off raining. Not a lot visiting so we spent a few hours checking them off in the map. Staff friendly but here's the butt – some of the statues, more than a few, look like they’re on drugs."

    A visitor from Kuwait noted: "Snow White could do with a spruce up as well, she looks like Jackie Stallone after a night on the sherbet."

    A local from Aberdeen added: "I used to love this place as a kid, but these days it's clear the focus is more on the Den these days. There is a lot of work needs to be done on the glen to get it up to standard. Some of the statues are just terrifying and about 30 years out of date."

    Another said: "The children are crying." While one holidaymaker wrote: "Stuff of nightmares… It looks like there has been very little upkeep since then which is a shame as I recall really enjoying it as a young child!

    "The statues were awful and looked very very creepy and nothing like the actual characters they are supposed to portray! I mean there was a statue of a woman with a child bent over their knee smacking it!"

    While Jimbo, from Dinfermline, said: "Shrek looked like he was a raging psycho. The mutant turtles looked nothing like turtles.

    "Lisa Simpson looked like a pop corn with legs and arms playing the Saxophone. Barney the dinosaur looked like… I don't know… Perhaps a mutant aubergine.

    "Cinderella looked like she had one too many martinis and missed the ball. Robinson Crusoe… No wonder he was lost no one could see him because the grass was so long all around him."

    However, not everyone was as horrified by the "run down" statues. One woman, from Scotland, said: "I last visited 34 years ago when I was six. Today, I took my six-year-old.

    "Yes it's dated but frankly young children don't notice. My child was mesmerised as all the stories and nursery rhymes she knew came to life. She told me she felt like she was IN a storybook, and that's why you go!"

    Ruth P added: "The very best day out ever!!! I've been coming to storybook glen since 1985 and so excited to be able to bring my daughter this time. She loved it just as much as us. So many happy memories there."

    Another wrote: "Yes the statues aren’t perfect but the kids loved them and happily played. Would definitely go back."

    While Annabel M said: "Never shut down. This place is so creepy and cool and Barney is now a meme and part of Scottish culture."

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