Tourists livid after going to carpark Brits joked is ‘better than Disneyland’

Brits who love a staycation enjoy all of the history, beautiful landscape and fun museums that the UK has to offer. Many who want to enjoy sun, sand and sea head southwest to Cornwall for a summer holiday.

The region offers some of the country’s best coastline with white sand beaches and Hawaii-like blue water. But, while Cornwall has lots to offer by way of things to do from the sea pool at Penzance to surfing at Bude and even a witchcraft museum – one attraction has garnered attention online.

The Bude Tunnel is rated the fifth best thing to do in the area. Bude is based in the north east of the county and has wide open sandy bays and the popular Summerleaze beach.

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It also has a sea pool which is great for nervous swimmers and is fab for body boarding. There’s also a castle, a “Monster Slip and Slide” and a surf school.

But, the Bude Tunnel far from being a historical site or fairground ride is a clear plastic tunnel attached to a Sainsbury’s. That’s right, it sits in the car park and is free of charge to walk through and it was a whopping 4.5 stars out of five on TripAdvisor.

The description states that this popular landmark is: "The only tunnel Bude has to offer is open to the public free of charge, walk from the Sainsbury's car park to Crooklets Road completely undercover, protected from the elements whilst maintaining your view to the spectacular surroundings of Bude.

"Consisting of 36 metal arches and over 70m long, nowhere else in Bude can you walk this far undercover in a continuous straight line, all ages are welcome."

Having visited Bude myself, I have walked through the tunnel and it was handy to access the supermarket when it was raining. But, the popularity of the "attraction" can only come from the British sense of humour.

The suggested duration of a trip to the Bude Tunnel is less than one hour which makes sense as it takes about two minutes to walk through. But, over 500 people have uploaded photos of themselves inside the tunnel online mostly grinning!

Snaps also show that there’s a large light up sign above the tunnel declaring it the Bude Tunnel and fairy lights adorn the arches at night making it somewhat magical… for a supermarket walkway.

The reviews are hilarious and will give anyone visiting Cornwall a giggle. John W, from London, said it was "absolutely amazing".

He added: "I visited the Bude Tunnel on a blustery Wednesday in February and was not disappointed. Upon arrival I was pleased there were no queues and of course free entry for all.

"I could see evidence of storm damage to some window panels but this did not distract me from the stunning 70s design.

"I truly recommend the Bude Tunnel, if you hate the rain and wind Cornwall has to offer at this time of year then this is the attraction for you. Five stars."

Meanwhile, a tourist from Spain added: "The only tunnel worth visiting in the UK! Some reviews describe the Bude Tunnel as misleading / a scam. Technically this is true, however hold on, it’s better than that as it’s actually TWO TUNNELS!

"Yes that’s right two metal frame and polypropylene tunnels of pure, unadulterated joy, joined together but slightly offset (they actually built a Sainsbury’s by the side of it and had to ensure the building fitted snugly next to the tunnel).

"This is a must have visit for anyone visiting Cornwall and if you are staying anywhere near Bude then you’ll already have overheard other people singing it’s praises."

They even noted: "Bude tunnel(s) is of more national importance to the UK and Cornwall than Stone Henge. On the day when we visited, an archeological team were busy getting their lunch from the Sainsbury’s next door.

"The other thing to note is that the tunnel has had babies! There are now 3 other steel and glass baby tunnels in the attractions car park, however these are hard to get close too as they are often full of feral shopping trolleys."

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A dad, from Cheddar, in England, added: "Came back for a second visit today. The great thing about this tunnel is that you can climb up on some of the frames, see photo! Kids were to shy to be in the photo but said this place was better than Disneyland. Highly recommend!"

But, not everyone was thrilled by the tunnel. Tracey said: "A dirty walkway to sainsburys and smelt of weed. Can’t believe reviews. Experience? Of what? Handy if it rains I guess!"

Another woman noted: "Am I missing something here but this is a tunnel that gets you from the car park of Sainsbury’s to the entrance. I really don’t understand how this is even on TripAdvisor!!!"

Judy S added: "Planned an hour for our visit expecting a lovely scenic walk with the kid, husband and dog. Stress levels high trying to find the damn place.

"Reached Sainsbury’s and asked a trolley park attendant who told me totally disinterested, 'Yes this is the Tunnel'. 30 seconds through said Perspex Tunnel to be met with the Sainsbury car park. That’s it. Never have I been so embarrassed."

Well, you can’t say the nation that created Boaty McBoatface doesn’t know how to have a laugh. Or, how to pull a really long con. 10/10 would recommend.

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