‘Unhinged’ TV star takes suitcase of Diet Coke to Europe as they ‘don’t sell it’

An American influencer sent Europeans into a frenzy this week after explaining she took an entire suitcase full of Diet Coke on holiday – claiming they don’t sell it across the pond. Apparently, Cola Light doesn’t cut it.

Jill Zarin, 59, star of the Real Housewives apparently loves the fizzy drink so much that she brought a suitcase full of cans to Europe so she could get her fix. Jill’s daughter, Ally Shapiro, 29, showed off her mum’s bizarre baggage on TikTok, @allyshaps.

The mum claimed she stocked up because they "don’t sell" Diet Coke in Europe. So she filled every crevice of her suitcase with the drink for their holiday.

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Jill said: "So I've snuggled my Diet Coke from the United States because they don’t sell it in Europe. They only have Coke Light and Coke Zero and it sucks."

The mum showed the inside of the suitcase which contained stacks of Diet Coke – both cans and bottles of the stuff. Daughter Ally asked her fans: "Any other Diet Coke girlies travel with an entire suitcase of Diet Coke? Luckily it made it safely."

The video quickly went viral with over over 192,000 likes and hundreds of comments. But, typically, it left many European users baffled – as you can buy Diet Coke in many shops.

Commenter Abigail said: "We definitely have Diet Coke – this cracked me up." While another person noted: "FYI: we have Diet Coke in Europe."

A user named Lizzy added: "Have literally never seen Coke Light anywhere in Europe. Diet Coke, Coke Zero and full fat are all in plentiful supply." Another noted: Diet Coke and Coca Cola light are the same, just different brandings for different regions/countries."

However, Jill argued with the commenters and wrote: "It’s Coca Cola light, even though it looks the same it’s not!"

She also clarified the family was not going to the UK. When a follower said: "In England we drink 12,000,000 cans of Diet Coke a week. Not Coke Light or anything else. Proper Diet Coke. Fact."

Jill replied: "Where we are going in Italy, Greece, Croatia it’s very hard to find Diet Coke! And just this cruise we knew didn’t have at all."

The Coke fan also said that even when she drinks Diet Coke in Europe it "doesn’t taste the same".

According to Soda Pop Craft, she’s not wrong! Reports claim that the primary difference in the ingredients is that European drinks don’t contain potassium benzoate while the American version does.

The ingredient is a flavouring agent that sometimes adds a little bitterness to drinks and foods. So maybe Jill has a point.

Apparently regular Coke tastes different too. They claim that Coke from Europe (and Mexico) uses regular sugar while the US version uses high-fructose corn syrup.

However, whether the drink tastes different or not one commenter had a valid point to make. Liz said: "Everyone arguing over Coke Light vs Diet Coke but why is nobody concerned by the unhinged behaviour of bringing a suitcase full of DC?!"

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