Astronauts warned about poo floating around the International Space Station

Astronauts had to be warned about a poo floating around the International Space Station.

British crew member Tim Peake says a warning went out on the orbiting lab after a spaceman used the loo. On the Your Place Or Mine podcast, Tim, 51, said: "There was a crew member – who will remain nameless – who finished his business one morning and turned around and couldn’t find any evidence of his business anywhere.

"The embarrassment of having to tell crew mates to keep an eye out because something was floating around the space station that morning that shouldn’t have been. They never found it either."

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It almost echoes the title of 1977 space flick Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, starring Richard Dreyfuss. West Sussex-born Tim flew to the ISS in 2015 – the first Brit to do so.

He was joined by US Colonel Tim Kopra, 60, and Russian Yuri Malenchenko, 61. Discussing using the loo in space, Tim explained: "You don’t want to make a mess and it’s all about a fan – switching on the fan and the airflow keeps everything going in the right direction."

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But it wasn't all bad aboard the ISS. Tim said one of the best things about going to space was the view.

"You know, you’re looking down on Planet Earth one direction and then you turn around, open the other hatch and you’re looking at the Milky Way," he said, adding that weightlessness is also "a huge amount of fun."

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