Elle Brooke weighs in on hen do glory hole nightmare as she dubs herself a 10

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    Elle Brooke has weighed in on an infamous glory hole story after it went viral earlier this week for all the wrong reasons.

    A voice note telling the story of a woman who allegedly performed a sex act on the wrong person at a stag and hen do caused a frenzy after it was posted to X (formerly Twitter) yesterday (Monday, October 23). The recording, allegedly sent by someone several times removed from the woman, revealed the events unfolded at a mixed pre-nuptial party in Amsterdam.

    One member of the party is understood to have performed oral sex on a mystery man through a glory hole, which featured the option to make the barrier between the two participants transparent if both people wanted to. Curious to see who was on the other side, the woman's excitement quickly turned to horror after learning the person she had been intimate with was her own father, the Daily Star previously reported.

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    Elle, who has built up a following as an online glamour model and is popular on subscription-based fan sites, has now jumped on the viral post. Posting an image of herself completely nude, Elle wrote "when she's a 10/10". She then made light of the viral story, saying "but performed sex act on dad in a glory hole in Amsterdam".

    Elle’s glam snap has already pulled in almost 5,000 likes on X at the time of writing. Her contribution to the gag came off the back of three audio recordings sent to the original poster by a pal.

    How much truth is in the tale remains to be seen, but the internet has been lapping it up. Describing the mixed stag and hen, the story goes: “One of the girls was super drunk and went into one of these booths with like a glory hole… Being drunk she thought it would be hilarious just to see who he was. So she pushes the button, looks up and it’s her dad on the other side."

    At this point things allegedly got so uncomfortable that the respective dos had to be called off. The story continued: “The hen and the stag do all went home early because it was so traumatic."

    It added: "The girl’s fallen out with all her family, the mum’s obviously found out and is not speaking to the dad."

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