Hamas ‘calling parents’ of kidnapped children as families make desperate plea

Hamas is reportedly calling family members of Israeli hostages who were kidnapped and taken to the Gaza Strip.

Saturday morning around 6.30am, the terrorist group launched a massive attack on Israel killing soldiers and civilians indiscriminately.

During the raid on towns, outposts and a music festival, hundreds of Israelis – as well as citizens of countries around the world – were killed.

In addition, more than 100 hostages have been taken back to Gaza leaving families desperately searching for their loved ones.

Adi Meisel’s mother has not heard from her 21-year-old daughter since Saturday morning, but she has had Arabic speakers contacting her on WhatsApp telling her that her daughter was being held captive by Hamas.

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Speaking to Fox News Digital, she said: “I am now getting many calls on WhatsApp from Arabic speakers telling me that Hamas is holding her and I can hear screams in the background. I know they are calling other parents too, how can they be so inhumane? I am ashamed of the human race.”

She added: “I don’t understand why they [the terrorists] would do this to people who are not even involved in this war. It will not give them anything and now Israel will attack them and more mothers like me will end up losing their children.”

Adi was attending a trance festival in the desert in southern Israel when Hamas struck. The terrorists took prisoners and left at least 260 – mostly young people – dead at the event.

Others were taken from their homes in southern Israel as Hamas terrorists flew in on gliders, came ashore in speedboats or simply walked and drove into Israel after dismantling the Gaza border fence.

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Festivalgoers hide in a bush after infiltration in Israel

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Galit Dan’s 80-year-old mother, 13-year-old daughter, niece, nephew and brother-in-law were taken by Hamas from their home in Kibbutz Nir Oz.

She recently moved away but her daughter was spending the Jewish Sabbath with her mother when Hamas attacked and took her family away. Her Kibbutz was also attacked but she managed to hide in a bomb shelter to escape the terrorists.

Other harrowing stories include the abduction of entire families including infants and children.

Horrific video emerged from Gaza which showed a young, unmoving German woman in the back of a truck bed with armed men. People on the streets appear to spit on her body as a crowd forms and cheers.

Another video appeared to show an Israeli soldier being beheaded by terrorists.

Israel has since declared war on Hamas following the gruesome attack which left at least 700 Israelis dead. It has been likened to the country’s 9/11.

Tel Aviv has responded by launching hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza. It says more than 1,000 Hamas targets have been struck so far.

Any Israeli operation will be complicated by the fact that Hamas is holding its citizens hostage.

There have been reports that Qatar is attempting to broker a deal with Hamas to free the hostages. Hamas’s leader Ismail Haniyeh is based in Qatar.

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