Karens Diner branded disgusting for screaming t**t in young girls face

A restaurant caused outrage after staff screamed swearwords in a young girl's face.

In a clip shot at a Karen's Diner restaurant, the staff could be seen 'celebrating' a child's birthday by yelling profanities at her. They could be heard singing: "Happy birthday, f*** off" as they raised a middle finger in the little girl's face.

One of the staff members asked the girl her name before two others joined in to point in her face and call her "a silly t***". The youngster's family watched on as they seemed to be recording it and laughing – clearly enjoying the unique restaurant's twist.

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But the video was shared on Instagram, where it was captioned: "She's just a kid" and met with brutal criticism. Many social media users disagreed that it was funny and bashed the restaurant and the girl's parents, branding the ordeal as 'sad and disgusting'.

One Instagram user said: "That is sad & disgusting. I wouldn’t want that even for an adult."

Another added: "This restaurant concept is so gross and classless. Why would anyone go there let alone take their child! Chavs."

A third person commented: "Shame on them, doing that to a kid. Shame, Shame, Shame! You should be embarrassed!"

While many people thought that the staff member's behaviour was outrageous, others flock to the restaurant to be roasted. It is well known that the restaurant advertises a deliberately unpleasant dining experience, and staff are instructed to insult customers throughout their meal.

Some commenters even agreed that it would have been funny for the young girl. One user said: "Why is everyone crying in the comments?

"That's the point of the restaurant did anyone stop and think maybe the little girl WANTED to go there for her birthday?? She probably thinks it's funny and wanted the full experience. Lord people are so sensitive."

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