Landlord evicts tenant with chainsaw after cutting huge hole in front door

A furious landlord pulled out a chainsaw on a tenant after reaching the end of his tether.

Samuel Leeds, co-owner at Property Tribes, a private forum for landlords, took to X to share a video of him cutting a huge hole in the PVC front door of one of his properties with a chainsaw.

“This is what happens when you stop paying and refuse to leave my property,” he wrote. He then bullishly added: “Sue me. You’re a guest and have no rights.”

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In the clip Samuel can be seen cutting a rectangular shape into the door, before booting it through.

“Today, I had to evict somebody out of my property with a chainsaw,” he said in an earlier post, posing in a picture with the heavy duty saw.

He said that his lawyer suggested he should not perform the eviction as he did, but he went for it anyway.

Samuel said: “My lawyer suggested I send a certified bailiff, but I figured it was more fun doing it myself.”

He reasoned: “If they were at a hotel and refused to check out, security would break entry within the hour.”

But not everyone thought it was a clever move.

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One person said: “Even shared a video of himself committing the crime.”

“Imagine doing that to your own door, whilst committing a crime,” another man said in response to the clip.

He might have a point. The housing charity Shelter rightly points out that ‘illegal eviction is a criminal offence’.

They define an illegal eviction as when “your landlord or anyone acting on their behalf: forces you to leave by threatening or harassing you; kicks you out or uses physical force to make you leave; stops you from getting into parts of your home or changes the locks while you're out.”

Samuel has been contacted by the Daily Star for comment.

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