Most Aussie video ever shows sharks gang up and attack crocodile

The hunter became the hunted when something straight out of a horror movie played out in front of anglers as a crocodile was surrounded by sharks who made lunges at its limbs.

The spectacle took place near Wessel Island, in the Northern Territory, Australia and a clip was shared to Instagram by Jessie Leigha on Thursday (November 30) where it was labelled the "most Aussie video ever."

"Haha. This is as Australian as it gets. Telling it to not eat the rope and F off," one commenter said. Cade Barrett added: "Most Aussie video I’ve ever seen."

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Leigha's caption stated: "Unfriendly nighttime guests. The sharks had a few chomps on Mr. Snappy."

In the clip a friend can be heard saying: "We’ve got a little friend."

The croc then takes a bite at the rope connecting two boats, hence the name Mr. Snappy.

"Oi! Don’t eat the rope!” a man can be heard yelling, adding “it was a turtle last week, crocodile this week".

And just as someone implores the beast to “f**k off”, it is suddenly ganged up upon by several sharks.

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One shark lunges at the reptile and appears to get a few bites on one of its front legs. The witnesses can then be heard gasping.

“That shark tried to take that crocs arm off!” one person commented, while another labelled the moment “peak Australia.”

“That’s so Aussie telling a croc to f**k off,” a third person said. “In Australia this is your standard children’s swimming pool I think,” someone else added jokingly.

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