Pensioner monk shoots cop after name-calling before angry mob tie him up

A pensioner monk shot a cop before an angry mob attacked and tied him up.

Gruesome images of the fallout from the fight were published after a 70-year-old monk shot a 60-year-old police officer. It is believed the monk had been angered by name calling from the officer, who allegedly called him a thug.

Enraged by the name-calling, the monk then pulled out a gun and in an act closer to that of a thug than a holy man, shot at the officer who was later transferred to Si Samrong Hospital in Thailand.

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Locals subsequently tied up the monk with his own robe before officers untied him after members of the public dished out a brutal beating. First aid and a hospital trip soon followed for the monk, who was medically examined after police administered first aid.

Said monk, Prasert Dateudom, was seen covered in wounds and coated in blood after he shot at Jom Yongyart, the officer who sustained an injury to the left side of his body.

He was rushed to Srirat Chanalai Hospital for immediate attending, but was moved to Si Samrong Hospital for specialised treatment.

Monk Prasert has since been questioned by police and allegedly confessed to the shooting, per reports from Thaiger. He has claimed Yongyart was in charge of financial records for the temple and recorded ambiguous transactions.

Later confusion as a result of these alleged financial changes were flagged by the monk, who is now facing a charge of attempted murder. He could receive life imprisonment or at least 15 years in prison for the charge.

Officials, according to a post from witnesses to the crime, say officers initially charged the monk with intentional homicide. A short shotgun was allegedly used in the shooting.

Lt. Witchote Sombunsak of Si Satchanalai Station has since confirmed the incident and the subsequent anger of the village, with some members of the public attacking the monk.

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