Putins ally threatens to attack Sweden and Denmark when Ukraine finished

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov suggested his forces will attack Denmark, Sweden and other countries where copies of the Quran have been burnt in recent weeks.

Mr Kadyrov, who has been ruling the Chechen Republic with an iron fist since 2007, appeared this month in a video in which, speaking to his aides, said to be confident about the course of the war in Ukraine.

The Chechen leader and Kremlin loyalist said: “I’m convinced 100 per cent we will win.”

He then suggested there are plans for his troops to be sent further north in the European continent.

He said: “We’ll finish in Ukraine and we will proceed to those countries that insult the Holy Quran.”

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While he didn’t mention any specific country in his video, Germany, Denmark and Sweden are among the nations to have seen several instances of copies of the Quran burnt in public as a form of protest.

In July, a Turkish-Muslim umbrella group called DITIB said a Quran was burnt and tossed from a moving vehicle in front of a mosque in the town of Maulbronn, southern Germany.

Among the many incidents involving copies of the Quran in Sweden, the most prominent dates back to late June, when a 37-year-old Iraqi refugee ripped out and set fire to pages of the book while standing in front of the Stockholm Mosque.

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To fend off similar incidents, the Danish government has proposed a law that would make it illegal in the country to publicly desecrate any holy book.

This video was released after Chechnya’s minister for national policy, foreign relations and information, Akhmed Dudayev, admitted Mr Kadyrov’s teenage son Adam had beaten up in a pre-trial detention centre another young Russian accused of burning the Quran in the Russian city of Volgograd.

Chechnya is a republic part of Russia where the majority of the population is Muslim.

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Shortly after Russian troops entered Ukraine in February last year, Mr Kadyrov sided with Vladimir Putin, saying he took “the right decision” and announced his forces would fight alongside Russians against Kyiv.

In the months that followed, Mr Kadyrov claimed Chechnya had sent 26,000 fighters to Ukraine.

In May, as Wagner Group forces were leaving the frontline in Bakhmut, the US think tank Institute for the Study of War said Yevgeny Prigozhin’s men were likely being replaced by Mr Kadyrov’s.

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