Shameless couple perform sex act in café — just metres away from other diners

A shocking video has captured the moment a shameless couple ere caught performing a lewd sex act at a café – just metres away from other patrons.

In the 12-second long footage, which has been circulating on social media, a woman and a man were seen snuggled up on a sofa inside a coffee shop in Quilmes, Argentina.

But the seemingly innocent and romantic scene was cut short as it quickly became apparent the couple were engaging in something saucier than an afternoon coffee.

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The camera zooms in, showing a hand moving furiously underneath a jacket in an up-and-down motion. Other guests are visible in the background – just metres away from the pair, who's faces were not shown.

The incident has caused a stir online as it has garnered more than 700,000 views and 69,900 likes since it was shared on TikTok by someone under the username @pablorereok.

Viewers have since taken to the comments to poke fun at the bizarre situation joking that the woman "wanted milk" for her coffee.

One user quipped: "She doesn’t want half and half, she wants the real cream."

Another joked: "He is preparing the coffee with milk."

A third commented: "Naaa, I would have gone to warn them and have them removed. Let them go to a square if they need it so much."

“She wanted coffee with milk, so she's ordering it,” a fourth added.

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However, others simply said "noooo" or claimed witnessing the antics was "traumatic".

The news comes after a brazen couple were spotted performing a sex act in full view of patrons at a hotel bar in Manchester – with viewers saying the bloke "looks like Hagrid".

The viral clip shows a woman against the wall across the street as a man with long hair leaned into her, seemingly kissing her neck.

Twitter viewers were left baffled by the incident as they took to the comments to poke fun at the brazen act, claiming the man involved looked like Hagrid.

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