The exact date that Britain is set to finally see return of sun and warm weather

The UK looks set for five days of sunshine just before the kids head back to school.

Weather charts show from next Saturday, September 2, temperatures will rise to 24C ending a long period of unsettled weather.

Particularly in the south the sun will shine all day for five days which is a change from the mixed weather the country has faced.

The predictions are that the weather will be sunny all day in London on Saturday, Sunday and Monday – and temperatures will reach up to 26 degrees celsius.

This follows a week of rain, cloud and only occasional bursts of sunshine.

Up north the picture is less sunny on those dates – with prediction in York being variable.

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And forecasters assured Brits hoping for some more sunshine that temperatures may still reach 30C in September as a late summer heatwave is set to grip the country.

Senior Meteorologist at British Weather Service Jim Dale told that the hot weather is “much overdue” and “could come into fruition by the time we come into September”.

He said: “The all-time high in September is 35C in 1906 so we have some way to get to that.

“Having said that, 30C is entirely possible and is not unknown.

“There is no reason why some of the heat in the mediterranean and southern Europe won’t eventually meander itself in our direction. There is hope.

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“It just depends whether we can get the right situation and draw in some very warm air from the continent.”

Mr Dale added: “Before we get there we have some mixed weather to come that is for sure. We can see it quite clearly this weekend.”

The heat is being driven by a jet stream from Spain and Portugal heading along the coast of France before arriving at the UK through the south-west in time for next weekend.

But with Spain later seeing a plunge in temperatures next week the Iberian plume will not last for too long.

The Met Office has said Britons should expect a “mixed picture” this weekend as temperatures should linger in the low 20s in southern regions.

While in the northern areas temperatures will only reach high teens in the coming days.

The Met Office’s outlook for tomorrow (Sunday, August 27) states: “Sunny spells and showers developing across central and eastern areas.

“Elsewhere after a bright to start, thicker cloud with outbreaks of rain will slowly edge in from the west.”

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