Third thunderstorm warning after UKs record-breaking seven-day heatwave

Britain continues to be hit with violent thunderstorms following seven consecutive days of temperatures above 30C.

A yellow thunderstorm warning is in place covering southern Scotland until 6am on Monday morning.  This follows thunderstorms across much of the UK.

Throughout Sunday, swathes of England saw violent thunderstorms.  Data from shows which parts of the country saw the most action. 

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The latest warning means some people could be in store for flash flooding, lightning strikes, hail or strong winds – with possible interruptions to road access and public transport if such circumstances were to occur.

Met Office meteorologist Tom Morgan said: “We have a third thunderstorm warning overnight for southern Scotland. That expires at 6am. And then once that’s cleared, there will be a few thunderstorms tomorrow.

“But for the vast majority they will be a bit more scattered in nature than (on Sunday).”

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UK weather: Showers and sunny spells

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Last week’s heatwave broke the record for the most consecutive days with temperatures above 30C in September, with Saharan dust generating vivid sunsets and sunrises in the clear conditions.

Mr Morgan said that the heatwave was “unprecedented”.  He added: “We have never seen anything as long-lived in terms of a heatwave in September before.”

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