Wagner chief Prigozhins Africa video was definitely him says super recogniser

Controversial footage appearing to show Russian oligarch and Wagner group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin in Africa following an attempted coup was “definitely him,” a super recogniser has confirmed.

Warlord Prigozhin has, according to Russian media, died in a plane crash near Moscow tonight (August 23).

Conflicting claims have since been made about whether or not he was on the jet following the emergence of reports of a second plane that landed safely.

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Confusion about the warlord has been rife in recent days following the emergence of a video where a man said to be Prigozhin claimed he was in Africa as part of Wagner operations.

No verification has been made by Western media about whether or not the man in the video was definitely Prigozhin, where it was set or when it was filmed.

Now super-recogniser Simone Malik has told the Daily Star she is certain the person in the clip was the Wagner boss.

She said: “I've studied the video. It's him.

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“What gives it away for me is not only the features but also the lower lip slant, droop and protrusion when talking – on the right-hand side."

She added: “He seems to twist his face [and] lip to one side and lets it hang almost – it's on the right-hand side of his face.

“This is consistent with videos and images from his younger days.”

The location and time of the video remain unconfirmed.

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