Weather forecasts predict arctic blast to hit UK just weeks after Storm Ciaran

The UK is set to be hit by a massive arctic blast, just weeks after Storm Ciaran took hold . . . and a huge snowy blanket could come with it.

Top forecaster James Madden has predicted that snow in some parts of the UK is "likely", with one or two particularly cold spells expected before Christmas. Mr Madden, from Exacta Weather, said: "It is now increasingly likely that we will see at least one or two notable wintry blasts from late November and into the first half of December, but it may turn milder or much milder later.

"However, a sudden stratospheric warming event from later this month and into December could change that outlook to an even colder and more wintry theme for many parts of the country, and would drastically change the overall outlook for December as a whole, particularly, during the second half of the month, and increasing our white Christmas chances significantly under such circumstances."

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Brits will face one or two cold snaps in the run-up to Christmas, according to James, with temperatures set to drop below 5c on 11 November, signalling an early winter. Weather charts on WXCharts meanwhile show a band of snow to hit the west coast of Scotland from November 10.

Responding to the forecast, a Met Office spokesman said: "Conditions are likely to remain generally on the mild side for the time of year, therefore the is a very low chance of seeing snow over the whole of the UK in the coming weeks. There will likely be snow over the Scottish mountains at times there already has been, but this is normal for the time of year."

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According to the Met Office's long range forecast from Thursday to Saturday, 18 November, the weather remains "predominantly unsettled" across this period as low pressure is "likely to track east across northern areas of the UK at the end of coming weeks, bringing further rain or showers to many areas".

This follows a week where Britain was hammered by Storm Ciaran, which brought winds of up to 100mph and resulted in the Met Office issuing multiple severe weather warnings.

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